The Importance Of Data Security For Marketers

The Importance Of Data Security For Marketers


The recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), calls for greater customer data protection and regulates how businesses collect and process personal data. Yes, this applies only to the individuals of the EU. But, it also pertains to companies that are say in India, but have access to and use personal data of EU residents. There is also the possibility that these regulations or similar ones, could become the norm world over. Already, the state of California has enacted a new privacy bill. It calls for consumers having greater control over personal information and more privacy rights. This makes the issue of data security important for marketers, everywhere, as they will have to take a look at the way they handle customer data and how they ensure it stays protected.

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Privacy Policy

It is important to have a security policy in place for customer data and for privacy policies to be updated. Clearly state what customer information is collected, for what purpose and whom you share it with. You will also have to specify how long you keep the data for. Always give the customer an option to opt out of having their information collected and stored. And make sure any service providers you use, say for example, email, also conform to certain regulations and data security and privacy policies.

Data Security Management 

Ideally, if your business deals with large amounts of customer data you should have a Data Protection Officer. They will ensure that regulations are followed, educate the employees on security measures they must follow, tackle viruses and keep data protected. If you have a smaller organisation, make sure you work with an IT professional to add layers of security to your website, databases and network. Have employees secure their work laptop and phones and use strong passwords. Data should also be encrypted and only accessed over a secure connection.

Plan of Action

Be ready for anything by identifying risks and possible crisis. Have regular meetings with your team on data security to educate them and to make sure they are following protocol. Do surprise checks so that nothing is amiss. Assign employees to take charge and handle things if there is a security breach. Have a spokesperson in place and get everyone in the company on the same page with regards to communication if there is a breach. And if a breach does occur, it is vital to report the matter to the relevant authorities and keep your clients in the know.

It is possible to adhere to regulations, maintain a certain amount of transparency and still be a good marketer. Only collect customer data you need, don’t store it for too long, and make sure it is stored securely. If anything, implementing policies and security measures in your organisation and updating your customers about it will instill a sense of trust in your customers. And a satisfied and happy customer is good for any business.



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