Website Migration

There are several reasons to migrate a website. It is the perfect time to make large scale changes that you’ve always wanted to do to make your customers happy.

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Website Migration

There are several reasons to migrate a website. It is the perfect time to make large scale changes that you’ve always wanted to do to make your customers happy.

If you have an existing website and you love the look and feel of your website, but it is incredibly hard to modify and usually requires the help of a developer and if you have data, you need to migrate it from your present platform, or more likely if you have decided on using HubSpot, you made the right decision. We can help you migrate all your data and your website to HubSpot.

Our HubSpot migration services team can help any company to move content or design to HubSpot or any platform for that matter. We will help you take advantage of HubSpot’s awesome CMS features as well.

By migrating your website to HubSpot, you will not only be able to retain its look, but you will also have a content management system (CMS) that is built for marketers – not developers – meaning you can easily add, edit and build new pages. You will also have access to a wide variety of marketing tools to support your current activities and improve your website.

Why migrate to HubSpot?

If your existing website’s CMS is difficult to use and does not have specific functions/features and your business requires a single platform that has powerful CRM and marketing tools, HubSpot is a fantastic choice. It is easy to use, flexible, and rich in marketing, sales and customer service-centric features.

It is built for lead generation and business growth.

Our Hubspot CMS Services


Using HubSpot’s CMS platform, we create standardized and search-optimized web pages and highly reusable landing page templates that match the look and feel of your website.


When we migrate your blog, besides moving the blog content, we make sure the template matches your current blog design and closely resembles your website. HubSpot’s CMS is loaded with SEO features that enable deep linking, categorization, social media integration, and topic-clustering.


We migrate all your contacts, companies, deals, notes from your old CRM to HubSpot CRM by a Technical Consultant who ensures a seamless migration based on a streamlined process.

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Why BlueOshan

The thought of migrating websites and data may cause some concerns for many and rightfully so. But, by partnering with the right HubSpot partner agency, you can rest easy. BlueOshan, as a HubSpot certified Platinum partner, will make your migration stress-free and successful. We have worked with multiple marketing technology tools, CMS platforms and have gained experience from handling a wide range of requirements.

Our HubSpot technical experts:

  • follow best-practices and well-defined processes
  • can migrate your data from any file type to HubSpot, seamlessly
  • perform regular reviews to make sure none of your important data gets left behind
  • place great value on the security of your data.

Request a 30 minute consultation to discuss your migration requirements


Website Migration:

An agency partner is not an alternative to HubSpot but highly complementary in nature. In certain cases our local presence helps a great deal and in other cases, overseas presence gives significant cost advantage. We work very closely with HubSpot’s regional channel and implementation specialists, be your extended arm and help you get the best out of your HubSpot investment.

Migration covers setting up of blog templates, web page templates, landing page templates [with standardized layouts], system templates [including error page templates], email subscription-page templates and password page template. You can reuse these templates and create your resources easily.

Blog Migration:

Yes. During migration, we look at the codes your current site is using and get your blog to resemble your website, so the user experience is seamless. Therefore, we need a live URL to do the migration and cannot migrate based on an image or PSD file.

During blog migration, you will have a Web Technical Consultant from BlueOshan to walk you through the entire process. Any design issues with the blog migration can be reported directly to your consultant after the migration is completed.

Typical blog migration may take 2-3 weeks but we will provide specific estimates after reviewing the overall requirements

CRM Data Migration:

The short answer is: it depends. We find that typical migrations take about 1-2 weeks. The specific timing will depend on how ready you are to export your data, your ability to ensure the files are in the correct format and the size for the import.

To avoid creating duplicates, we would recommend having your team work in your current CRM until all your data is migrated to HubSpot. This may mean that your team needs to make some manual updates in HubSpot based on changes that happen between the time you export and import.

Data mapping – data clean-up – data filtering – object and field selections – data migration [execution] – data review and error checking – project completion (data actionable in HubSpot)