Streamline event attendance and leads within HubSpot

Streamline event attendance and leads within HubSpot

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Trade events are an important source of lead generation. They also help B2B companies stay abreast of industry developments and innovations and keep an eye on the competition! Companies allocate substantial budgets to ensure that popular events are attended by leaders and key personnel in marketing and sales.

For the investments to pay off, it requires keeping track of all the events attended and the leads generated. To organise follow ups and determine which events generated the best returns, entering them into the HubSpot CRM helps automate workflows and work towards converting prospects.

Now, some parts of the process may already be in place. What Blueoshan did for a global IT client was to integrate the entire workflow through several stages within HubSpot. That made it far easier to manage everything, beginning from the time an employee initiated the process of attending an event.

Visibility right from the initial stages

It starts by extending the functionality of a custom object within HubSpot. Employees enter details of events they would like to attend and forward it to the approving authority. The person approving the request can check if it fits in with the overall company plans and meets budget criteria.

Event attendance and synching leads in real time at events can be integrated into a HubSpot CRM workflow. Capturing interest and acting on it leads to faster conversions

On approval, employees attend the event, interact with a set of potential customers and can synch details in real-time as soon as meetings end. They don’t need to get back and enter data manually. The information collected goes directly into the HubSpot CRM and is integrated with the event information link.

In addition, any details that the potential client would like to have or a summary of the discussions can also be entered, providing reference points and memory hooks for interactions later.

When several meetings are held in the course of a day, keeping track of all discussions and then entering them later is inevitably postponed. But if it were to happen at the end of every meeting, it becomes relevant and useful. Plus, even other team members who may not have attended get a sense of what customers spoke about and what their needs were.

Extrapolate these over employees distributed across several global offices attending events and it becomes clear why this aligns customer data along several points of interest in the company’s favour.

Once the details are captured in the HubSpot CRM, decisions can be made on what happens next and what the flow should be – including something as simple as a personalised ‘Thank you’ email sent within hours of the meeting.

BO_Blog_Unifying event payoffs

Unifying event payoffs

When the events attended by all the employees in the company add up, so do the leads – and tracking what happens all through to conversion provides great insights.

For example, an event may have generated a large number of leads but the conversion over time is low. In which case, it helps to concentrate team efforts on events where customers engage and respond better.

Events are a solid source for generating leads because it offers the opportunity to interact in person and make assessments about the seriousness of inquiries

That, in turn helps to sharpen budgets for the future and decide which new events should be included in the following year’s plan. Right now, the system for companies works at an individual level. Dedicated sales and marketing people make the requisite effort to hit the target numbers. Being able to do this across the company brings several benefits. Automation of some of the processes reduces the follow up required from the concerned employees. Additionally, it helps to determine whether more resources should be committed towards an event or less. Employees who have not attended get a sense of the way industry trends are moving based on interactions with customers recorded in the CRM. And the interaction forms the basis for conversations with customers that lead to faster conversions.

Organise events and make it count

For companies who allocate substantial budgets every year on external events, creating their own property is another option. While most companies may not have the requisite resources to manage this, teaming up with an event management company can fill the gaps.

Its best to start off small and learn along the way. Webinars and small gatherings of people help to set the tone for gauging customer interest. Then that can be leveraged into a single day program.

As the network of contacts grow, the way ahead emerges. And HubSpot enables you to manage everything from sign ups and registrations. There’s no single route to organising events. Rather than make assumptions, let customers lead the way. On everything from event topics to duration.

Take the number of events currently being held around the world in crypto and NFTs. Or the Metaverse. These are emerging areas and they generate a lot more interest than regular topics where there is a great deal of knowledge and content already available. 

Build plans around a core audience and the information they seek

Select topics and formats that your prospects want to know more about. No matter how niche the audience or distributed, the draw is knowledge. Even in something as well-established as automotive spare parts, the event can be centered around savings on storage and unearthing efficiencies in the supply chain. 

New call-to-action

As an event host, the registration process alone generates a list of people who are already interested in your product, industry, or at least fall in your target demographic. If you’re participating in or sponsoring an event, you can collect leads through an email list, demo offering, or by running a competition.

Talk to us at Blueoshan on how you can integrate the company around external events or build your own. We’ll extend the functionality of HubSpot in ways you may not have thought was possible.

You can reach us by email, or on a call.

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