Some of the best courses in digital marketing are free – at HubSpot

Some of the best courses in digital marketing are free – at HubSpot


All you have to invest is your time. And put in the effort. You’ll even get a HubSpot Certificate after successful completion. The more you learn, the better you’ll understand what is involved in the process. And irrespective of the business you are in, it makes sense to spend the time. You will be better off in terms of knowledge and expertise. What more could you ask for?

Over 165,000 professionals worldwide have grown their careers by getting certified from the HubSpot Academy. The certificates are gateways to exciting careers. And HubSpot’s curriculum keeps expanding with the major changes underway in the field.

The courses are developed by practitioners in the business. The ones who have learned on the job, executed campaigns and seen the effect they have. Their rich experience is captured in the ways the courses are structured and delivered.

You learn at your pace. Go over some of the concepts several times if you don’t get it the first time around. There’s no one to discourage you or decide the speed at which you should learn. That depends entirely on your motivation and your hunger for learning. 

Start with the fundamentals – or jump into the advanced ones

It starts with what you are interested in. Go through a few and decide for yourself what level you want to dive into. You’ll know when certain courses begin to make sense and you may have even encountered some of the situations at work.

You make up your mind on what you need to know. Start off with what looks interesting. For example, inbound. HubSpot pioneered the concept of Inbound Marketing. Until HubSpot showed how it worked, most marketers worked by reaching out to customers and pitching products to them.

HubSpot showed how it was possible to provide knowledge to customers and earn their trust – which was one of the best ways to sell. By getting them to come to the company rather than the company having to reach out to them. It seems like an inversion of popular thinking but that’s exactly where its strength is.

HubSpot Academy is one of the best ways to learn about both – digital marketing and leveraging the strengths of HubSpot – for free

That is also the foundation on which HubSpot has grown – by consistently providing high quality content, a huge base of customers and practitioners have gravitated towards the company. And helped them master a field that grows in depth by the day.

In a highly networked world with many distractions, getting the attention of customers is hard to do because people are only interested in what is relevant to them.

Go as deep as you wish

A simple search through the courses listed under marketing show how much there is to explore – Automation, contact management, content marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, lead generation, reporting and performance, search engine optimization and more.

The certification for inbound takes about 5 hours to go through. That’s the duration of the lessons. But understanding the principles, then thinking about where they can be applied to your business and how it can be done will take longer. The principles on which inbound works will be clear. Putting them into effective practice will take months or even years but the basics will not change.

Some of the topics take about an hour. Others are detailed. It depends on the complexity of what needs to be focused upon. At times, it may seem difficult to grasp. Persistence and perseverance along with diligent practice will pay off handsomely. Both in terms of career prospects or even to launch your own business further down the line.

And you create your own curriculum, your specialisations and your fields of interest. There are short courses for advertising on Instagram, for example. Or how to design effective campaigns on Google. That could lead to more courses on other social media channels. Knowing what is involved and getting the basics right is often the best way to progress. Then apply what you’ve learned. And that leads to even better understanding.

Applying the lessons learned at HubSpot Academy for everything from increasing traffic to a website to generating leads helps companies grow


Learn by doing

The idea is not to accumulate certificates but to make the most of them in practice. So, learn what your job requires you to do. In most cases, you may need a mentor or a senior manager who sits down and explains what is expected from you.

But today, being self-driven is a big advantage. And the more you know, the better your chances for advancements. Plunging into this vast base of knowledge helps you get ahead. And stay ahead.

It does not matter which role you are in. Each of these courses helps expand the repertoire of knowledge and importantly, experiment with them. Lead generation, for example, is something every company looks to master. Keeping the pipeline fed with a constant stream of leads without having to invest huge budgets is a major skill. 

New call-to-action

Learning the basics of content management right from creating, developing, distributing and increasing the depth of knowledge is what companies pay good money for.

HubSpot has grown into one of the world’s most trusted platforms by providing value instead of merely selling a service. The company has developed one of the largest storehouses of content by diligently capturing and sharing techniques and concepts that work.

What could be better than having access to all of it from the HubSpot Academy for free? It’s because we know that this will continue to pay off for clients who will benefit from the knowledge and the expertise. 

The experts at Blueoshan have mastered several complex integrations for HubSpot. But they have all learned from putting this knowledge and expertise into practice.

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