Digital Marketing Powered by HubSpot - Part 1

Digital Marketing Powered by HubSpot - Part 1

Digital Marketing Powered by HubSpot

HubSpot, the inbound marketing, sales and customer support platform makes any online marketing activity simpler to perform and at the same time improves it as well. Say for example, your company wants to run an email marketing campaign. HubSpot has an entire section to help you do just that. You can choose from pre-built email templates, or customise one, if you prefer.

With HubSpot you can create custom lists (based on criteria and conditions set forth by you), this allows you to segment your audience and send mails to them accordingly. Here too, there are ways that HubSpot ensures better chances that the mail will be opened and read. A person who filled out a form on your website, is more likely to want to read something from your business. Every time a form is filled the information automatically gets saved in your contact database. So, if you target this list, your ROI are better. Furthermore, the e-mails can be personalised and scheduled.

It is tricky figuring out what clicks with your audience, a particular sized CTA button, positioned at a specific part of the email shows more click-throughs, than maybe some other combination. HubSpot takes the guesswork out of it, for the most part. In case you aren’t sure which CTA button will make more of an impact or which subject line will resonate more with the reader, you can conduct A/B tests, to optimise your email marketing campaign. We, as a business, run many campaigns, and it is important to know which ones work, which ones resonate with your target. With the analytics tools you can see how much engagement there was with an email, click-through-rates etc.

HubSpot works for all digital marketing activities. Whether it is optimising your organisation’s blog or creating a landing page. It provides specific tools for social media marketing, blogs, and content management among others, which are used to promote your brand. By automating many of the marketing tasks, offering templates, and allowing you to schedule posts, HubSpot allows you and your team to spend less time implementing digital marketing campaigns. It also lets you use multiple inbound marketing techniques simultaneously, to increase search ranking and traffic to your site.

In Part 2, we will further learn how HubSpot can power digital marketing with specific tools and integrations.

Our specialists in the platform can help you implement and manage HubSpot for your digital marketing needs. Click here, to find out more.

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Shantha Kumar

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