Conduct multiple webinars across geographies within HubSpot

Conduct multiple webinars across geographies within HubSpot

BO_Blog_Conduct multiple webinars across geographies within HubSpot

In certain service and product categories, webinars build traction, establish customer interest and foster relationships. The problem is sustaining it and keeping up the momentum going. Working to a schedule and integrating promotions is an ongoing requirement, so teams conducting webinars need to be in constant touch with sales and marketing departments to exchange notes.

The more value webinars deliver, the better positioned they are to attract customer interest. This constantly shifts and the team should evaluate which subjects work better, which topics get more registrations and have the highest registration to attendance ratio. That’s a definite measure of interest.

All of us do it. When we register for a webinar, we decide which ones are important or critical.  That affects attendance and how we make time or skip the session.  Anything that has an immediate impact on cash flow or customer signups are bound to generate substantial interest. 

Extend the power of HubSpot to capture audiences

HubSpot enables a single instance of webinars to be managed within an account. For most companies, especially those that are small or mid-sized, it meets existing requirements. The issue is for companies who have teams managing webinars across multiple geographies and offices - or even those that have to accommodate multi stage webinars to audiences at different steps in the customer journey.

For complex sales processes and for products that involve educating customers, webinars are a great option

Blueoshan has built an app that connects multiple instances of webinars to a single HubSpot portal. And it retains the same native functionality. This allows the same process to be followed across the company to manage everything from registrations to conducting the webinar to tracking customer interest.

When a company sees webinars building traction with prospects, it has to move quickly to scale across offices and ensure that audiences in different time zones have access. It could also be used to compare which presentations and subjects evoked interest in prior sessions.

If a presentation has worked in one geography, translating it and using it in another is a lot easier than having teams reinvent the wheel. The content from one webinar can be repurposed in another, including the promotion and follow throughs.

In short, if a webinar works for a B2B audience at one location, the promises are unlikely to vary at another. The same dynamics apply.BO_Blog_Integrating feedback and conversion

Integrating feedback and conversion

While extending the ability to manage seminars is a major benefit, the other is being able to see how different audiences respond.  And to keep an eye on conversion rates over time. Being able to integrate information on webinar management along with the data provides far better tracking possibilities.

The team having the most experience managing webinars can train and create new competencies within the company. A system for updating information from sales and marketing teams’ interactions with customers for fresh content development is another necessity. For companies, keeping webinars going is a challenge, especially when the subject material may be narrow, well-known or not an audience magnet.

Multiple webinars conducted across the company increases customer insights, builds new competencies and customer engagement

Then interest needs to be created with a set of products or alliances that work well together. That expands the base of prospects and lets the company build a base of long-term conversion possibilities.

Webinars are best used to build audience interest and conversions over time. For example, a company providing a specific logistics service can create webinars on supply chain solutions. Even if the registrants don’t come with an immediate purchase intention, building credibility through webinars works in the company’s interest – and the conversion is more likely when registrants who have attended the company’s webinars have already been primed.

If you’re already conducting webinars inside of HubSpot, this is a good time to scale it and get several teams to start experimenting with local audiences. The investment will pay off in several ways because it keeps expansion costs low and is nowhere as expensive as launching paid media campaigns.

The figures tell the story

HubSpot has tracked the expansion of webinars and the statistics show increasing use of webinars by companies.

A study from Bright Talk reported professionals saying video-based learning is their preferred learning format, and 85% prefer video webinars. 94% of respondents also report viewing webinar content monthly

There is growing acceptance of webinars being among the best ways to generate genuine top of the funnel leads. More prospects are tuning in to webinars to get trade and industry related information.

Webinars are also cost-effective because the costs of travel, stay and outreach in person are cut dramatically. It is easier for prospects to devote 20-30 minutes from their desk or smartphone to listen to what the company has to say.

As the viewership of webinars has increased, the sophistication of the presentations and the campaigns to register people has also undergone dramatic changes. Simply using slides will not cut it anymore. Efforts have to be made to develop content that is engaging, interesting and informative. 

Using simple video animations to convey information is a great idea. Encouraging the audience to ask questions and get involved are other ways in which webinars provide fresh customer perspectives.

Fun polls conducted during the session help to evaluate interest and comprehension. Transmitting information is one part of a communication exchange. Ensuring that it is properly decoded is another.

New call-to-action

The strongest reason to persist with webinars is the quality of leads generated over time. Most people registering have genuine interest. And the prospects for conversion are much higher than expensive leads generated though social media. 

Talk to expert consultants at Blueoshan on how your company can extend the instances of HubSpot on your portal to scale webinars. 

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