Zoho Inventory makes sure nothing gets lost in transit

Zoho Inventory makes sure nothing gets lost in transit

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Source: Zoho

From inventory control to insightful reports concerning your company’s inventory, Zoho has a specific software to handle it all.

Read on to find out what Zoho Inventory can offer your business across various verticals: 

Inventory Control

  • It’s a cloud-based system
  • Inventory gets updated automatically, when a sale is made, across multiple selling channels
  • Inventory can be organized based on various filters and parameters
  • Even if you bundle items to be sold together, Zoho Inventory will update the individual pieces as they are being sold
  • You can set reminders to re-stock items and who your preferred vendors are
  • Stock adjustments can be made based on what is selling and what isn’t, and it’ll be captured in detail
  • Fill invoices with ease by scanning bar-codes to have the relevant fields get auto-populated
  • Using a serial number or assigned code, every item in the inventory can be tracked
  • You can also track expiry dates and avoid selling products past their date

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 Warehouse Management

  • Even if you have more than one warehouse, Zoho Inventory helps you run them all efficiently
  • You can manage flow of stock between multiple warehouses using one application
  • Choose the warehouse closest to the customer when delivering an order, thereby saving time, money, and getting the order in well on time
  • When transferring an item from one warehouse to another you can keep track using serial numbers, so nothing gets lost in transit
  • Reports can be generated specifically for each warehouse to find out volume of items being shipped out

Multichannel Selling

  • Zoho Inventory is integrated with Amazon, eBay, and Etsy among others, so your products can reach more people
  • Efficiency increases, as all orders can be managed and fulfilled from one location
  • You can deal in various currencies while selling and have it all converted to your base currency without any hassles
  • See which selling channel works better than others and make business decisions accordingly
  • There are a number of payment gateways available on Zoho Inventory, which guarantees you get paid faster

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Order Management

  • Get updates on stock levels when shipments go out, so you don’t run out of any products
  • Real time shipping rates for nearly 30 services are available, so you can pick the best for your organization
  • Packages can be created, and package slips printed using Zoho Inventory
  • Shipment can be monitored every step of the way, and customers updated with the information
  • Using reports, identify which items are bestsellers and what the trends are, to make informed decisions

Order Fulfilment

  • You can create a single dashboard from where you can get an overview of all your sales
  • Track which orders are fulfilled, which are pending, and which are in transit
  • With a click of a button, a sales order gets converted into a packing slip with all the relevant details filled in automatically. The slip can be mailed on to the customer
  • Once an order has been shipped send the customer track updates, thanks to the AfterShip integration
  • If you get an order and don’t have the necessary stock, no problem! Click on DropShipment to have the vendor ship the product directly to the customer

Zoho Inventory 2Source: Zoho 

Insightful Reports

  • Using the dashboard, get insights into how your business is doing
  • Know the important details: like who your best customer is, and what products are selling the best
  • Zoho Inventory uses the FIFO method to keep track of all the stock going out and coming in, so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Reports can be exported to XLS, PDF and CSV files with ease

You don’t have to worry about keeping track of shipment, or break your head finding the best deal when it comes to shipping companies, because Zoho Inventory does it all for you. And with the app versions that can be downloaded to your mobile devices, you can sell while on the move!

Comparison and Reviews

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