We always looking for the best minds to work with us. Upload your CV below and we’ll get in touch when there’s an opening.


We always looking for the best minds to work with us. Upload your CV below and we’ll get in touch when there’s an opening.


We are a Certified Diamond Solutions partner of HubSpot, led by seasoned traditional marketers with deep understanding of HubSpot and its tools by virtue of supporting large global companies adopt HubSpot and integrate their customized needs with HubSpot.

We have specific industry experience in Information Technology, SaaS, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Higher Education.

Role Overview

BlueOshan’s Onboarding Consultants have a systematic and organized approach to work. Have a strong customer focus/orientation and track record in delivering on time. They are disciplined, proactive, and adhere to project management protocols. We provide training, tools and mentorship that are required to advance your consulting career at BlueOshan.

Skills and Preferred Qualifications

  1. Passionate about working software technology products
  2. Create a great first impression on our customers
  3. Good communication in English - verbal and written
  4. Positive and energetic, phone skills and excellent listening skills

Job Responsibilities

  1. Deep dive into the use of HubSpot software (for the client) and provide product walkthroughs.
  2. Evaluate customer’s tech stack and recommend a suitable approach to onboarding and in developing fit-for-purpose onboarding plans.
  3. Guide customers and provide recommendations on best practices in setting up sales and marketing business processes, product configuration, and technology integrations.
  4. Handle escalations, manage multiple customer stakeholders throughout the onboarding lifecycle and effectively engage decision-makers through regular strategic calls to drive product adoption and ensure completion of the required technical setup in an efficient and timely manner
  5. Train customers and new hires [in BlueOshan’s onboarding team]
  6. Support internal sales and pre-sales consultants in identifying opportunities with existing customers for expanding adoption of HubSpot.
  7. Contribute to the growth of BlueOshan’s HubSpot-practice through superior customer engagement and innovative solutions.

Work Experience

  1. 3-4 years in SaaS or Software Technology Products companies
  2. Preference: Candidates with hands on experience in onboarding clients to SaaS products
  3. Minimum 1-2 years’ experience in a customer support role
  4. Prior work experience in a start-up environment will be an added advantage


  1. Bachelor degree (any) or higher from a reputed and recognised educational institution

Location - Chennai

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