SEO Tips for Website Migration

SEO Tips for Website Migration

SEO Tips for Website Migration

If you’re planning a site migration then you might want to check out these SEO tips so that you hit the ground running. It’s important to understand how search engines will process your site migration so that you don’t lose all those months and years of hard earned traffic:


1.    Should you move your website in the first place? 

In a best-case scenario, the search engine understands your site migration and treats the new site as the original site. Sadly, the reality of site migrations is that there’s always going to be a temporary loss of traffic. In fact, most SEO companies don’t recommend site migration unless you intend to revamp the entire website by fixing things that are broken. If you feel your website will benefit from site migration because you intend to rebrand your site, fix broken links, or move to HTTPS, only then you should consider it.

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2.    Run extensive tests before you go live 

Many SEO professionals will suggest you make your changes within a sandbox environment before going live with the website. A sandbox is essentially a restricted system environment, where you can run extensive dry runs, and check links before you go live with the website. When you’re certain that the website is functioning properly – with all links working, a strong content plan in place, images loading fast etc. – only then you go live with the website.


3.    Make a copy of your Google Analytics data

This step is important to know whether you’ve lost traffic in migration. A side by side comparison of your old site’s Google Analytics data and new site’s traffic will give you all the information you need to figure out if the migration was successful. If you notice popular pages aren’t doing well, then it’s a sign that the authority isn’t being transferred to the new page.



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