CMS Hub Onboarding

Enhance your website with help from our HubSpot CMS specialists. Improve SEO, create effective lead conversion paths, and manage website content. Align these steps with your business goals for the best results.

CMS Hub Onboarding is designed for new customers embracing CMS Hub software. Our CMS consultants will guide you in harnessing the full potential of CMS Hub. You'll get support in managing your content in HubSpot, creating a compelling website with CMS Hub for the first time, and seamlessly integrating your business processes into HubSpot, all while aligning with your unique business goals.

CMS Hub Onboarding Process

BlueOshan’s web development consultants make sure you're all set with CMS Hub. We'll prioritize the following objectives: Training and Education, Content Migration, Customization and Configuration, and Ongoing Support and Optimization

Take a closer look at how our onboarding process works.


Account and Tech Setup

In addition to providing a strong grasp of HubSpot fundamentals, we'll help you with various tasks, such as Identifying key stakeholders, including content creators and administrators, as the first step. Defining objectives and expectations for the CMS implementation is essential. Assessing current content and planning its migration to the new CMS ensures a successful transition.

  • Customization and Configuration
    • Customize CMS templates according to brand guidelines and design preferences
    • Configure user roles and permissions for access control and data security
    • Integrate the CMS with other tools, like analytics platforms and marketing automation software, for streamlined workflows
    • Offer ongoing support and troubleshooting for CMS users
    • Provide regular training and updates to keep users informed about new features and best practices
  • Content Migration
    • Create a detailed migration plan for transferring existing content to the new CMS, specifying timelines and responsibilities
    • Conduct trial migrations to test the process and address any issues or challenges
    • Execute the content migration, prioritizing data integrity and accuracy
  • Training and Education
    • Conduct CMS overview training sessions to familiarize users with the interface, features, and functionality
    • Tailor training to meet role-specific needs, including content creators, editors, and administrators
    • Educate users on effective content creation and formatting within the CMS
    • Provide training on SEO optimization using CMS tools

Complete Onboarding and Transition

Our CMS specialists will collaborate with your stakeholders to define your post-onboarding goals. Our dedicated HubSpot Customer Success Consultant will continue to support your success in HubSpot.

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