Sales Enablement

Transform your Sales Process with BlueOshan's Expertise - HubSpot Sales Enablement amplifies your Sales Strategy and boosts your sales team's efficiency.

HubSpot Sales Enablement is a set of tools and features within the HubSpot CRM platform that helps sales teams improve their productivity and effectiveness. It provides sales reps with the resources, content, and insights they need to engage with prospects and close deals.

By leveraging these key features, BlueOshan’s sales enablement consultants help sales teams streamline their processes, improve

Email Tracking
Email Templates
Document Tracking
Meeting Scheduling
Sales Sequences
Sales Analytics
Sales Playbooks
CRM Integration

How does BlueOshan come into the picture?

BlueOshan’s sales enablement consultants leverage our expertise in the platform and provide value-added services to our clients, through the following activities:

implementation and setup

Implementation and Setup

Help our clients set up and configure HubSpot Sales Enablement tools according to their specific needs. This includes integrating the tools with their CRM, setting up email templates, and configuring tracking settings.

training and onboarding

Training and Onboarding

Provide training sessions and onboarding support to help our client's sales teams understand how to effectively use the sales enablement tools. This can include training on email tracking, document tracking, meeting scheduling, and sales sequences.

strategy and consulting

Strategy and Consulting

Offer strategic guidance to our clients on how to best utilize the sales enablement tools to improve their sales processes. This can involve helping them develop effective email templates, creating sales playbooks, and analyzing sales analytics to identify areas for improvement.

content creation

Content Creation

Assist your clients in creating compelling sales content, such as email templates, sales scripts, and sales collateral. This can help them deliver consistent and impactful messaging to their prospects.

ongoing support and optimization

Ongoing Support and Optimization

Provide ongoing support to our clients, helping them troubleshoot any issues they may encounter with the sales enablement tools. Additionally, offer optimization services to continuously improve their sales processes and maximize the value they get from the tools.


From strategic implementation to tailored training, our expertise ensures that your sales processes are not just optimized but thrive. With a focus on key features and a commitment to ongoing support, BlueOshan is more than a service provider; we will be your dedicated partner in driving sales success.

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