HubSpot Pricing Guide 2024

February 12, 2024

HubSpot Pricing Guide 2024


HubSpot is among the most sought-after CRMs in the sales and marketing industries. This platform helps businesses increase sales, track leads, automate marketing tasks, nurture customer relationships and build world-class websites that drive results.

To start with the basics, HubSpot has five major hubs - Sales, Marketing, CMS, Service and Operations.

Each of these hubs has three plans - Starter, Professional and Enterprise. Customers could choose their plans based on their requirements. They could go for the Comprehensive CRM Suite or create their own bundle if they need an all-in-one solution. 

HubSpot Pricing

On March 5, 2024, HubSpot will roll out an updated, seats-based pricing model for all hub products and editions. The updated model will apply to new customers who purchase Starter, Professional, or Enterprise subscriptions starting on March 5, 2024, with no short-term change for existing customers.

With this new flexible, scalable, and connected pricing model, HubSpot becomes as easy to buy as it is to use. For more information, please refer to HubSpot’s company news post. 

So what is changing?

The seats-based pricing model applies to all Hubs - Sales, Marketing, CMS, Service, Operations and the CRM Suite across all subscription tiers - Starter, Professional and Enterprise.

HubSpot aims to remove seat minimums for the Sales and Service Hubs and introduce the new Core seats and View Only seats. 

What are the HubSpot seat types?

Core Seats - Users of this seat will get edit access across all Hubs, access to HubSpot’s AI features, and connect users to HubSpot’s Smart CRM. 

View Only Seats - These seats are free for paid portals, providing visibility for those who do not require edit access. 

Sales and Service Seats - Users can access everything included in a Core Seat plus Sales and Service features. 

Who is this pricing model for?

In the company news article, HubSpot mentions that the new pricing model is designed for customers to:

Start for free and scale 

HubSpot has made it easier to grow your business with its tools and features. With five users in the free plan and introducing the core seat per user in the starter plan, new businesses can start for free and scale their business. 

Connect their teams

Organisations can connect their teams with access to HubSpot’s Smart CRM with the Core Seat. Users can now better understand customer journeys across all four major Hubs. 

Pay as they grow

Customers can pay as they grow with the View-Only Seat and no-seat minimums for Sales Hub and Service Hub, which gives them flexibility over portal access and control over their total cost of ownership. 

Drive effectiveness 

Customers can drive effectiveness with an AI-powered Smart CRM that unifies data for faster workflows and richer customer context. 

HubSpot New Pricing Details

Starter Plan

The starter plan is the same across all Hubs, with seat-based pricing and a Core Seat. 

CRM Suite Starter. One core seat, priced per seat 15 14 22 21
Additional Core Seat 15 14 22 21


Professional Plan

Marketing Hub 3 core Seats Included 890 780 1,279 1,246
CMS Hub 3 core Seats Included 400 350 575 560
Operations Hub 1 core Seats Included 800 700 1,152 1,120
Service Hub Priced per Seat 100 85 140 140
Sales Hub Priced per Seat 100 85 140 140
CRM Suite 3 Core Seats, 1 Sales Seat, 1 Service Seat 1,200 1,050 1,730 1,680
Additional Core Seats Priced per seat 50 44 75 70

Enterprise Plan

Marketing Hub 5 core Seats Included 3,600 3,000 5,200 5,100
CMS Hub 5 core Seats Included 1,200 1,050 1,730 1,680
Operations Hub 1 core Seats Included 200 1,740 2,880 2,800
Service Hub Priced per Seat 130 115 190 185
Sales Hub Priced per Seat 150 135 220 210
CRM Suite 3 Core Seats, 1 Sales Seat, 1 Service Seat 4,000 3,480 5,760 5,600
Additional Core Seats Priced per seat 75 70 110 105

Note: Existing pricing and packaging for Add-Ons and Marketing Contacts will remain unchanged. 

Get in touch with our expert HubSpot Solutions Consultants to know which plan will work best for your requirements.

Asphia Khan
Asphia Khan