How To Plan Your Content Marketing Strategy

How To Plan Your Content Marketing Strategy

How To Plan Your Content Marketing Strategy

It goes without saying that success in content marketing requires a proper strategy. Most organizations that enter content marketing without a plan tend to fail because of no clear goals. On the flip side, organizations that continuously refine their content marketing develop a proper system that leads to success in the long term.

If you invest time, money and effort into your content marketing strategy you can have better ROI, make content marketing decisions easier, and on the whole, have a far more effective content marketing campaign.

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What are your Content Marketing Goals?

In a recent conversation, I had with a colleague about social media marketing, he said that the only important metric worth looking at is numbers. As a brand, you have to ask yourself if numbers is everything? You may want to raise brand awareness or engage with your customers a lot more or improve website traffic. At the end of the day, whatever your goals are, ensure that you have a reliable analytics suite that will track your content marketing. Based on your metrics and data, you can establish quarterly goals for your content team. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is a great marketing suite for all your content marketing needs.

From Target Audience to Buyer Personas!

Content needs to be made for a specific audience. Once you know who’s buying your products and what kind of content they enjoy, produce that type of content for them, so that they keep coming back for more! We use the Make My Persona tool by HubSpot to build buyer personas! The more data you have on your audience the more accurate you can be with your content.

Learn from the Competition (and crush them!)

Your competition might be doing a lot of things right. They might be producing amazing blogs or great instructional videos. Learn from their content, especially since you may share buyer personas. SEO is your howitzer when dealing with competition. Outbid their ads if you can or outrank their keywords. Create content that they haven’t created yet. The key is to be relentless with content that will eventually make you a thought leader in your field.

The Buyer Journey

The buyer journey is a really crucial part of the content marketing strategy. A typical buyer journey has three phases namely, Awareness, Consideration and Decision. In the Awareness phase, you will find your content educating and informing potential buyers. You will provide them with confidence and solutions. You can do this by creating blogs, videos, and podcasts. In the Consideration phase, you will be providing potential customers with more specific solutions, ebooks, white papers and case studies, to strengthen their decisions. Finally, in the Decision phase, you will be trying to convert these leads into buying customers. Here the content will be in the form of case studies, demos and trials of the product.

Manage and Track your Content Better

At BlueOshan we use topic clusters to manage our blogs. We’ve found them to be useful to manage the content and helps with search engine optimization. Use data analytics suites to provide you with statistics on how content is performing. Periodically it is recommended to do a content audit, to edit, update or remove content on your website. 

Posting content consistently is key. Especially once you start to grow a following, you don’t want to let them down by not producing content. We have written a few guides on 5 types of posts that you can write for your business blog. It’s a good place to start if you find yourself getting a little saturated. Good luck with your content marketing efforts and remember where there is a plan, there is success! 


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