How do you figure out what content works? CMS hub helps you find out

How do you figure out what content works? CMS hub helps you find out

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Creating content is an important first step

Machine learning requires a huge amount of relevant data to connect the dots. Developing content works the same way - start creating and refining over time. Explore the sector you are in and provide insights your customers are interested in. Products exist because they solve customer problems. Customers may buy products when they are ready but the considerations begin much earlier.

There’s a lot that can be done to make an impression on customers. If a suggestion made in the content helps customers save time or money, they will be more than willing to start a relationship. Allow trust to build over time because it can’t be developed overnight.

Think of all the purchases you have made. Retrace your own steps as a customer. Thank of what friends told you, what you gathered by visiting various sites and how you went about comparing products before you purchased them. Or you developed trust in a brand because it was very clear about how it would solve your problem

Finding out what content works


Content scores will differ. Expect surprises on what works and what doesn’t. It’s like a slow trickle that develops into something substantial over time. For every marketer, their own product is a 24 hour commitment. For customers, it’s a much smaller one. That’s where the essential difference comes in. Once you build that into your expectations, you won’t aim for ‘overnight’ success.

With attribution reporting, you’ll identify content that rises to the surface and stays there. Good articles, videos or podcasts can keep traffic coming in for years. It’s like you have tapped into a content river at its source. Most successful websites can tell you straight off the pages that give them the most traction. It's not as if interest is distributed evenly across the site

Getting to this point is the difficult part. You have to give choices to customers, approach it from different angles and say the same thing in different ways before you find out what resonates. What you have complete control over is in creating content. That’s where the focus and effort should be. The results will take time to show. But then, it becomes a geyser, if you’ve done it right.

Why attribution reporting scores work


CMS Hub helps you understand where customers spend the most time and what they keep returning to. As you increase the amount of content created, you’ll build a flow of relevant traffic to the site. Customer behaviour will vary widely according to their need for your products or solutions.

Customers buy because of their needs. Discounts only appeal to customers who have already made up their minds and looking for the best deal they can get.

What you focus on is getting customers to the point where they are ready to buy. It may not happen in the first few visits and may stretch into multiple visits, questions, a back and forth with the sales team and demonstrations before they are willing to buy. Attribution reporting helps you understand customer journeys better beyond just traffic scores

Persistence. It's the unknown arrow in your bow


A personal sales call can only happen once or twice a month. And every one of them costs the company a tidy sum of money. Content creation has a much smaller footprint. And it often helps your sales team to cut the time involved in selling.

If the customer already knows about your products or solutions after multiple visits to your site, they are unlikely to want the sales team to enlighten them. For ecommerce products, this works even better because the sales process accelerates over time.

And here’s the best part. A website is instantly accessible anytime, anywhere in the world. Use that to your advantage.

At BlueOshan, we have been working with HubSpot’s CMS Hub for a while and our design and development skills have grown manifold over time. Be it your existing installation or a new one that you are planning, our CMS consultants will be happy to support you.



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