Convert your website into a powerful lead generation engine using HubSpot's CMS Hub

Convert your website into a powerful lead generation engine using HubSpot's CMS Hub

CMS Hub as lead generationIt does not matter if you are b2b, b2c, small or big business. There is no point in having a website if you do not intend marketing it and bringing home traffic. Today, I see an extra bit of interest in website and content creation. I don’t want to state the obvious as to why this trend? Given today's context all of us have our reasons, purposes and defense statements, if I may...

Your website is is super-central to your digital marketing - having the intent and interest is a great start but paying attention to the entire process is so important. Websites have many associated digital assets and tech-enablers which are critical to deliver results - enquiries.

Marketing your website is a fairly sophisticated process and requires a 360 degree approach. This can be achieved easily with a platform-based content management system where advertising, marketing, and sales are integral to the platform. In my previous post, I wrote, “The experience you wish to give your customers when they visit your website and its security should always be your top considerations”

Talking about websites as your lead generation engine, let’s discuss these FOUR interesting aspects of HubSpot’s CMS Hub where its product features align with your marketing needs and goals.



With CMS Hub, you can quickly optimize your website content for search engines and achieve better SERP outcomes. In-built SEO tools in the CMS will offer you SEO recommendations while writing your landing pages, blog posts and other content pieces. The example below gives you recommendations for including in the title, keyword phrase, subtopics and meta description. Idea here is to help your audience and the search engines get a good sense of what your webpage is about. Won’t that CMS capability improve your chances of ranking?

Draft - TK Things Your CMS Absolutely NeedsImage Source: HubSpot

Developing Topic clusters is an interesting concept in content development and marketing - it involves stitching together more related content. And, it becomes a super-effective idea when you have the ability to link supporting (clusters of) topics automatically to its main pages [call it the “PILLAR”]. Won’t your search engines jump with joy to crawl your site and give you some love and recognition for your expertise?


You need to develop more traffic sources for your website. Organic is great but won’t be sufficient for increasing your lead flow. CMS Hub has inherent capabilities to drive referral traffic to your website.

blog imageImage Source: HubSpot

Won't it be exciting to have social media marketing features that give you the ability to schedule and publish your social media posts, create buttons to share your web pages and posts, besides getting you data on how your social media marketing is doing all within your CMS environment?


CMS Hub gives you the ability to manage your content production tasks centrally - it could be module installation, content scheduling, threat monitoring, user activity tracking, and review of website performance. 

Reporting Add-on hero imageImage Source: HubSpot

Since the CMS is sitting alongside your marketing and sales tools, you can send automated emails in a scheduled manner to those contacts who filled in the contact acquisitions forms in your website.

Also, won’t it just be brilliant to analyse your website traffic reports and take some bulk action on your URL redirects, ads management and A/B tests from a centralised CMS?


With CMS Hub, plugins are not required for popular analytics tools like Google. It’s all built-in to the CMS and you can review your key performance indicators in your dashboard.

Suggested Picture 3Image Source: HubSpot

Won’t it be great to get detailed insights on the target audience (say “personas”) based on how they are engaging with your content - be it devices and/or content type? To refine your content strategy and offer better visitor experience, learning your visitors intent and how well you served is quite crucial.

Like I mentioned at the very beginning of this post, Your Website is Marketing...what has been shared in this blog post is only part of what you need to know about CMS platforms and the important role it plays in your website, lead generation and marketing tech-stack strategies. More knowledge on its way...

At BlueOshan, we have been working with HubSpot’s CMS Hub for a while and our design and development skills have grown manifold over time. Be it your existing installation or a new one that you are planning, our CMS consultants will be happy to support you

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