An SEO Manager's Guide to Content Audits

An SEO Manager's Guide to Content Audits

An SEO Manager's Guide to Content Audits

A content audit is a process by which all indexable content on a domain is checked against a variety of metrics and sources to determine whether the content is good, bad or needs to be improved. Good content is generally left alone, whereas bad content in most cases are removed, and content that needs work, is updated to be fresh and relevant.

An SEO Manager will be tasked with regular content audits to see if the website is functioning properly with respect to search ranking and to check if the content is thin or not, among other things.


While doing a content audit, you’ll be looking at the following tasks: 

  1. Updating, rewriting, and consolidating overlapping content is one aspect. You’ll also have to remove content that isn’t optimized well.
  2. Ensure that the content is not being filtered by the search engine or receiving a penalty. 
  3. Checking if the content is ranking for the right keywords. Sometimes content will be ranking for keywords you’ve not intended – it’s important to take advantage of this.
  4. Optimizing the popular pages on your website that receive the most amount of traffic and using it to gain more traffic.
  5. Try new content marketing strategies to explore keywords not yet ranked for.

For a detailed step by step guide on how to do a content audit, Everett Sizemore’s article on Moz, is a great place to start. He breaks down the content audit process into three phases, the inventory & audit phase, the analysis & recommendations phase, and the reporting phase.

Once you’re done with the content audit, make sure that low-quality content never enters your website. An annual content audit is generally fine for most businesses.


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