Service Hub Onboarding

Use your data effectively in HubSpot. Set up a help desk from scratch and receive valuable insights on how to align your business processes with HubSpot, always keeping your business goals in focus.

Service Hub enables the delivery of end-to-end customer service that delights your customers.

Service Hub Onboarding is tailored for new customers adopting Service Hub software. Our onboarding specialists will help you make the most of Service Hub. You'll receive guidance on utilizing your data in HubSpot, setting up an effective help desk, and integrating your business processes into HubSpot – all while keeping your specific business objectives in mind.

Service Hub Onboarding Process

Satisfied customers are the key to growing your business. BlueOshan’s onboarding consultants ensure you're all set with Service Hub to leave your customers raving about the service you offer. Since onboarding is goal-specific, we'll tailor it to your needs. We prioritize the following: scaling up customer delight, enabling customers to self-assist, and measuring and enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Account and Tech Setup

In addition to providing a strong grasp of HubSpot fundamentals, we'll help you with various tasks such as adding team members as users and installing HubSpot's tracking code on your website. Connect your shared team email addresses to Conversations and add a subdomain for your knowledge base.

Edit and embed the support form on your site. Import contacts and tickets into HubSpot. Configure conversation notifications and create a form for collecting customer tickets.

Delight Customers at Scale

  • Set up automated ticket assignments for quick allocation to reps upon ticket creation
  • Implement workflows for ticket property updates, stage transitions, and task generation
  • Create tailored service pipelines for distinct functions such as onboarding, project management, and account management
  • Customize service pipelines and stages to align with your team's specific workflows

Help Customers Help Themselves

  • Learn to import or create your knowledge base
  • Optimize the design for Google search and customer satisfaction
  • Create user-friendly categories and subcategories
  • Gather and apply feedback for continuous improvement
  • Strategically place your knowledge base for easy access
  • Enhance customer experience with video tutorials

Complete Onboarding and Transition

Our onboarding specialists will collaborate with your stakeholders to define your post-onboarding goals. Our dedicated HubSpot Customer Success Consultant will continue to support your success in HubSpot.

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