What ChatSpot - Hubspot’s AI assistant, does for sales and marketing?

August 14, 2023

What ChatSpot - Hubspot’s AI assistant, does for sales and marketing?

There is a lot of media buzz around generative AI. That buzz, however, needs to translate into actual benefits for working teams. And that is what this post covers. It is a work in progress, and feature sets are being built, but it is already possible to experiment and improve workflows as well as reporting.

Dylan Sellberg, ChatSpot's Director of Product, spoke in a video with Kyle Jepson, HubSpot Evangelist, and Deanna Gilaf, a HubSpot administrator and advocate, about the progress that ChatSpot, its AI tool, is making.

Generative AI tools are popping up left and right, but there is never going to be a single AI assistant. Marketers and salespersons will try out and interact with several different AI products. The ones that will win out will be good at a specific task because that application will effectively reduce the work involved in a tedious process.  

Dharmesh Shah, one of HubSpot's founders and Directors, is leading the development, and things are moving fast. On June 1st, the new website and an official redesign of the product were launched. 

ChatSpot was created to combine GPT and CRM to make your life easier. Whether you are a marketer who wants to research keywords or a salesperson who wants to source leads, ChatSpot is here to help.

The positioning is that Chat is smarter, not harder. It is about AI, which means business.

The three ways in which ChatSpot defines AI

ChatSpot does a remarkable thing. It uses a large language model (LLM) to understand a user's intent and what task they are trying to accomplish. It fetches information from several data sources and combines it into a single result. Those unique data points—the combination—are not available for any product like it, including Chat GPT.

The second is that it is tailor-made for sales and marketing—AI that knows your business style, format, and flow is going to be critical as it evolves and picks up speed every day. Many ChatSpot results already render in tables, and that is a very effective way for a salesperson or marketer to read data when they are looking at a lot of data.

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The third is that it functions as a personalized AI companion. ChatSpot learns the user’s goals and grows with them over time. Share objectives once, and ChatSpot will personalize every interaction to meet specific needs.

Dylan recounted an experience with a sales manager who said that during their team meetings, someone is assigned to take notes. Now, that person does not need to hop between records. They can simply use ChatSpot and seamlessly share content. Once content is created, they can use ‘quick actions’ to post directly to HubSpot’s CRM or blogs.

Using templates and prompts works better.


When using a connected HubSpot Hub, you will see a handful of new prompt templates showcased. The types of prompts that work best explain to users, in simple terms, what ChatSpot is good at and what it is not.

The best way to use ChatSpot right now is to start with the templates, learn what ChatSpot can do, and then expand and understand the syntax and different types of features. Eventually, you can use freeform, but you can also stick with templates.

Let us take a use case like prospecting. You can set parameters that include companies in a city or region with the number of employees and whether it is a small, mid-sized, or large company in a particular sector. Then, you get to know how many of them are available. From there, you can research the company specifically and figure out additional details. 

The depth of insights - things like funding rounds, locations of businesses, the technologies they use, and SEO expertise—is right at your fingertips. This applies to everyone in the world, whether they are HubSpot users or not.  ChatSpot starts to get much better when you are integrated with HubSpot.  Sales assistants can add contacts using natural language and create notes and tasks with minimal effort - those are the best use cases here.

What are the ways you can uncover insights in the CRM?

Keep checking, but these are the things you can do right now: Find deals that need your attention with a one-click prompt template that helps you find deals that are not yet closed-won but also do not have a next activity date set. This should make keeping track of active deals in your pipeline a breeze.

Find unowned deals with ChatSpot by asking, "Find deals with an amount over $1,000 that do not have an owner." Once you have found those deals that need your attention, you can jump right into HubSpot, assign an owner, and get those deals done.

The way you can get the most out of ChatSpot is to ensure that the data you have is clean and up to date. For example, deduplication and updates of contact details. The more structured your data is the more accurate the results.

Talk to our consultants at Blueoshan if you are looking to integrate ChatSpot for specific objectives. We would be happy to get involved and tell you what the low-hanging fruits are and what you can implement right away.

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