HubSpot’s Community is where the learning, engagement and action is

June 22, 2022

HubSpot’s Community is where the learning, engagement and action is


HubSpot has built a thriving, vibrant community. And it’s the best place to explore all things HubSpot. Ask questions, get guidance and unlock new tips to using HubSpot in one place.

The community does everything from suggesting ideas on how HubSpot should evolve to tips on using the CRM. Upvotes make it clear as to which ideas and solutions got traction. Since access is limited to those who log in and register, the quality of interactions helps solve issues and learn new skills to deploy.

Right from webinars that do deep dives on specific skills or integrations using HubSpot, to answering questions that users may encounter from time to time, the community is built to help participants get the most out of HubSpot.

So, whether it is building links or exploring specific integrations, HubSpot Community is a good place to keep checking back to see what other users experience and how they have found new ways to use the product in their specific industry for ideas you can apply in your own.

Join Study Groups to learn about using HubSpot better

Content marketing is evolving all the time. When companies and leaders speak about their experiences in developing and managing content, it sparks new ideas, not just on how content should be built and managed but what can be done specifically by companies looking to build their content streams. It is one of the most popular study groups on the community with over 9000 members. The Study Groups in HubSpot provide access to a huge base of users who are interested in improving specific skills

For Sales teams looking to see what’s new, Trygve and Kyle answer sales questions, on the third Tuesday of every month in 2022. Whether you're a new salesperson trying to learn the basics or a 20-year seller looking for new techniques to try out, ask the hardest sales questions, and they'll answer them.

For fans of analytics, there are exclusive discussions with the product team of datasets, the Operations Hub feature that lets you curate your CRM data into reusable tables for easier downstream reporting.

The way to get the most out of these discussions is to come prepared with questions based on a project you're working on or a specific question that's been on your mind and you're looking for answers. It's also an opportunity to share your learnings with the group. This could be an insight on a trend you've been seeing in the industry recently.

Whether it is Revenue Ops, CRM implementations, or the CMS for Marketers study group, the best ways to learn are to put the problem out there and see the solutions that stream in. It’s literally having access to a gigantic team in addition to your own internal resources.


Give to the community and the rewards will multiply

One of the best ways to get more out of the community is to become a trusted and regular participant. Set aside time to listen to people and come up with solutions for others, based on your own experiences. That’s what makes the community reciprocate when you have a problem you want to solve.

The more closely you work and interact with the HubSpot Community, the faster the learning curve and the application of those skills at your workplace

If you choose to be passive initially and learn from the experience of others, that is fine as well. But the way to get the most out of HubSpot is to develop your own views and share your own experiences. What you think is a trivial solution to a small problem may actually be a breakthrough for others.

That’s where the true power of community lies. Since it is constantly evolving and changing with inputs from professionals in different fields, the range of perspectives that are added everyday is enormous. You can choose to start off in a small way but as you figure your way around and build relationships, the usage of HubSpot and its features get sharper and better defined. You aren’t relying on a small set of people but the larger world of the community to seek solutions and spread the word.

Humans of HubSpot

Community champions have risen from the ranks in the HubSpot Community. They have proven their credentials and helped to drive interest and conversations. Their stories are featured in Humans of HubSpot.

Their bios detail what they have done and how they fulfil their roles. It gives them reach, exposure and recognition.

Anton Bujanowski is based in Germany. He works for a HubSpot partner as an "allrounder". When designing in Photoshop/XD years ago, he was developing and building pages and emails in HubSpot. At that time, he worked only on Joomla and WordPress - this was quite a challenge but the community helped him a lot with his questions. 

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Then, he worked with a WordPress agency but kept "digging deeper" and getting really "under the hood" in terms of development in his spare time and started answering questions in the Community. 

After a while he got a job as a HubSpot developer and works with Thought Leader Systems as the Head of "Web&Creative"

Olivia Bagnall was born in Dublin and raised in several cities. She worked for HubSpot for just over 3 years, first as technical support in the Dublin office and then as an onboarding specialist in the Singapore office. She now freelances out of Brazil and works with a number of companies on a wide variety of HubSpot projects - as their HubSpot specialist and project manager.

There are several other profiles you can check out at the Humans of HubSpot page. Reach out and follow or interact with them, especially if they run communities you are interested in.

And of course, you can contact Blueoshan’s consultants for HubSpot projects you need help with. We will be happy to resolve even the knottiest technical problems, which we have done for several large and mid-sized companies.

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