Expanding your base of customers is a lot easier with Hubspot Content Hub

March 1, 2021

Expanding your base of customers is a lot easier with Hubspot Content Hub


Engagement provides a trail of insights.

Customers may not be easy with the compliments, but their interest in your products and solutions can be gauged in different ways. Think of how Facebook asks for the topics you are interested in when you sign up.

Maybe you indicated that you liked reading news articles, technology, movies, and the stock market. You’re happy that you’re not giving too much away about your interests.

However, the algorithm looks at how your relationship with friends and relatives on the newsfeed works. By clicking and reading specific articles and the time you spend on each of them, you build a much clearer picture for Facebook to gauge your interests and serve ads around them.

For some people, this is almost as if the platform is listening to their conversations! However, the time we spend on articles is a much better indicator of interest than our own perceptions.

Interest equals engagement

We move quickly away from things we aren’t interested in. That’s true of every social medium we navigate. Whether we’re going through articles on LinkedIn, or videos on TikTok or images on Instagram, where we stop and comment or take a closer look is how platforms understand what our motivations are. In social media, the idea is to build a profile to serve ads.

When it comes to your own website, that’s what you have to track as well. On company websites, the heat maps are good indicators of interest. When people come and read your annual report or stay in the investor section, you can be reasonably sure that it is someone from the financial industry or an interested banker.

In the same way, the content consumed on the site gives a clear picture of the visitor’s interest profile. If they visit regularly, you can be sure interest in your products or solutions is growing. Customers need time to evaluate the offering before beginning a conversation. And your website can capture that journey over time.

Go deep on content with HubSpot Content Hub.

Sales queries are starting points for content inspiration. When customers ask specific questions about products, they reveal what they are looking for. Match that to keywords in search, and you’ll have the insights to create product details based on customer interests.

This must be constantly mined, and feedback from sales teams in the field must be captured and recorded in monthly reports. It’s never a single reason or feature that tilts the scale in your favour—a combination of factors is at play, from price to usability to the problems solved. Customers can drop a casual comment that opens up a new angle of content to be explored.

Within the company, the way the product and solutions are described tends to get predictable. However, that also means it leads to restricted points of view since new explorations are hardly ever undertaken. A sales meeting is almost always about numbers, discounts, and collections – all transactional elements that are important to keep companies going but not to expand the market.

To engage, educate

Broaden the base of content available on the website. Imagine a scale of customers who go all the way from being unaware of your product to those who have been loyal. Their knowledge of your products will be different.

The content that will appeal to them is also different. Take products in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Some of the biggest companies in the world, like Apple and Facebook, spend hundreds of millions of dollars in research every year to find out how customers will find the technology useful.

Facebook is creating an enormous amount of content for Oculus, the VR headset that is used today mainly as an immersive game-playing device. The blog details every new feature being added, and there are forums and community spaces on the portal to attract more interest.

It’s an uphill task because creating VR and AR content is expensive and time-consuming. But in a few years, they could become commonplace. That’s the goal Facebook is working towards. However, they need to educate people on the potential uses of VR and get them interested in trying the product and seeing how it is being used.

Your business may be more conventional, but the process is the same. You need to keep attracting new customers while catering to those who are already on board.

Hubspot Content Hub helps you plan, produce, promote, and place content anywhere on social media and gauge its traction. It also helps you streamline your marketing efforts and get an overall picture of how well they are working and where additional input is needed.

Talk to us about how Hubspot Content Hub can be deployed for your marketing and promotional requirements.


Venu Gopal Nair
Venu Gopal Nair

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