Blueoshan's Solutions for Various Industries

Our customized solutions are designed to optimize your HubSpot's Sales, Marketing, Service, and CMS Hubs.

We offer specialized solutions for Consumer Goods, SaaS, and the Manufacturing industry.

Across these sectors, BlueOshan's commitment is to provide services that meet Martech requirements, driving efficiency and growth. Learn more about our expertise in these industries and discover how we can enhance your business success.

BlueOshan's HubSpot-based solution can help you unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts. Leveraging our hands-on experience implementing marketing technology solutions in the CPG sector, you can set up a robust omnichannel marketing orchestration program for your brands.

  • Data Collection
    •  Efficiently gather and manage consumer data from various sources.
    • Utilize HubSpot CRM to organize and consolidate customer information.
  • Campaign Planning
    • Develop data-driven marketing strategies based on the insights gathered from your data collection efforts.
    • Leverage CRM data segmentation for targeted ad campaigns and personalized email marketing.
  • Campaign Execution
    • Seamlessly execute marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including social media platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
    • Deliver highly personalized and engaging content to your audience through email marketing, WhatsApp, SMS, and push notifications.
  • Hyper-Personalization
    • Implement hyper-personalization techniques across your digital presence, including landing pages, websites, blogs, chatbots, and pop-up CTAs.
    • Utilize CRM and website behavioral data to tailor offers and content to individual preferences.
    • Enhance user engagement by delivering personalized messages and experiences based on email engagement and ad interactions.
  • Advanced Reporting
    • Gain deep insights into the performance of your marketing efforts with advanced reporting capabilities.
    • Monitor user actions (events) on your websites to segment and retarget effectively.
    • Create comprehensive customer journey reports to optimize your marketing strategies continually.
  • Customer Journey Orchestration
    • Build seamless omnichannel marketing experiences by integrating email, WhatsApp, SMS, and push notifications into your customer journeys.
    • Ensure consistent and personalized communication with your audience throughout their buying journey.
  • Highly Customized Contact Acquisition Reporting
    • Track and analyze your contact acquisition efforts with highly customizable reporting tools.
    • Optimize your acquisition strategies based on real-time data and performance metrics.

BlueOshan provides specialized services for B2B SaaS companies, leveraging our MarTech experience using HubSpot to optimize critical business aspects. Here's how we can help you:

  • CMS (Content Management System)

    Collaborate with you to optimize your website, delivering curated hyper-personalized content to different buyer personas.

  • ABM (Account-Based Marketing)

    Set up the tools to target high-value accounts using marketing tools and personalization engines.

  • Event Management

    Establish a streamlined event management process, from creating event assets to post-event retargeting.

  • Inbound Marketing Engine
    • Configure omnichannel tools for outreach and engagement via email, SMS, WhatsApp, push notifications, chatbots, and social media.
    • Set up your blog themes, landing pages, pop-up CTAs, smart forms, and smart content for lead generation and lead engagement.
    • Implement lead nurturing, lead scoring, and conversion rate optimization strategies to achieve your SMART goals.
  • Marketing to Sales Handoff

    Help with establishing clear agreements between your marketing and sales teams regarding MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) quality and SLAs.

  • Sales & Prospecting Process
    • Optimize and automate your sales process, empowering your team with prospecting and sales enablement tools.
    • Implement HubSpot's CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) process for efficient quoting, invoicing, and payment collection.
  • Service Desk Process

    Set up a ticket help desk and self-service engines using chatbots and knowledge bases.

  • Revenue Operations

    Automate critical data capture and calculation processes to create insightful reports and dashboards.

  • Custom Integrations

    Connect your SaaS products with HubSpot to gain deeper insights into user behavior.

BlueOshan provides specialized MarTech services for manufacturing companies using Hubspot. Here's how we can help you in simplifying and enhancing your sales, marketing, and service desk operations:

  • Lead Capture

    Connect and capture leads from diverse sources, including WhatsApp, your website, and various ad platforms.

  • Partnerships/Distributors
    • Leverage HubSpot to recruit vendors and manage partnerships
    • Easily set up agreements and track the services offered by vendor-partners
    • Implement a payout tool for precisely calculating referral fees and commissions.
  • Sales
    • Streamline your sales processes with automation
    • Set up a lead allocation engine to assign sales reps intelligently based on predefined criteria.
    • Implement HubSpot's CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tools for on-the-go quotations, invoicing, and payment collection.
  • Service Desk
    • Create a ticket help desk and self-service engines
    • Employ chatbots and knowledge bases
  • Custom Integrations

    Connect your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system with HubSpot

  • Event Management

    Streamline your event management processes, from creating compelling landing pages to promoting events and managing registrations.

  • Revenue Operations
    • Set up key automation to calculate/capture important data to build reports and dashboards to make key decisions for your business
    • Develop reports and dashboards that provide actionable insights

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