How HubSpot enables content strategists to implement their vision

August 11, 2022

How HubSpot enables content strategists to implement their vision

There are a limited number of people who can leverage the power of the web. Content strategists are one of them. They understand their company’s customers well. And know what gets results

Developing a strategy is one thing. In most cases, people can’t differentiate between a digital media plan and strategy. So, it is down to the content strategist to articulate what the company needs to do. Then build content along the lines that fulfil that vision. Finally, be able to track if the strategy is getting the desired results. And make the necessary changes in alignment.

With HubSpot, content strategists can make sure that instructions are being adhered to. Evaluate if the content being created is reaching the right audience. Being able to track visitor behavior down to a series of connected articles, or videos along a customer journey provides power for conversion.

This calls for tracking a number of data points and being able to juggle multiple requirements. That’s where HubSpot comes into the picture. It gives content strategists granular control over every element of their strategy. With the flexibility to manage any part of it and being able to see how it plays out.

Content strategy starts with diagnosis

Even with the right content, the ability to attract the right audience may not have been thought through. Or else, the way content is structured on the website, with no interlinking between connected pieces. That’s where a content strategist can take a look at website performance and put in place a plan of action.

Content strategists have to orchestrate several content streams and formats – that’s where HubSpot provides both flexibility and ease

Most content strategists start out as content writers or editors. Over time, they build a cadence for what works in the chaos of the digital world. With the number of iterations and the experiments conducted across social media platforms, they develop a rapport with their audiences. Then, it is up to them to keep building that relationship.

It could be something as simple as reworking menu options. Or serving up different content on every successive visit. All of which HubSpot CMS hub handles with perfect ease.

HubSpot can help diagnose the SEO requirements of the site. Offering up the SEO performance of competitive sites and the keywords they rank for. That helps strategists to plan for the areas where content requirements need to be handled on priority. 

Instead of relying on multiple tools, having all of it consolidated within HubSpot drives greater traction and long-term visibility for content.

Developing anchor content pieces for the website

Content strategists helps businesses prepare and plan for reliable and cost-effective sources of website traffic and new leads.

All content pieces on a site will not attract traffic uniformly. Some of them are evergreen and get a steady amount of organic traffic. An embedded link to an e-book or free tool or video will continue generating leads for years as time goes on — long after it is published.

The reliable source of traffic and leads from evergreen content will provide the flexibility to experiment with other marketing tactics to generate revenue, such as sponsored content, social media advertising, and distributed content.

Plus, content won't just help attract leads, it will also educate prospects and generate awareness for the brand.

And it is the content strategist’s job to figure out how this can be done consistently over time. Whether it is through multiple content formats and drawing in an audience that prizes value.

HubSpot helps to keep the fingers on the reins without losing the thread. Even helping with blog topics to explore. When several approaches have to be evaluated and then shortlisted based on response and engagement, HubSpot is completely up to the task and simplifies execution.

Success depends on execution, every time

No matter how comprehensive the strategy is, execution matters. There should be goals a content strategist aims for, not just an increase in site traffic but the level of engagement and conversion.

Effective strategy needs to be translated into content development, deployment and constantly iterated to succeed. HubSpot simplifies task execution on several digital marketing fronts

Early on, most brands start with blog posts. To venture out into different formats, start a content audit to assess the top-performing and lowest-performing content. Then, use that information to inform which direction to take next.

Review content marketing efforts and the results from it in the last year to see where it has been successful and where there are gaps to be filled in topic clusters. Figure out what to do differently in the upcoming year and set new goals. Now is a great time to align the team's goals with the organization's goals.

Whatever stage a company is at, a content audit will helps determine what resonates best with your audience, and brainstorm fresh content ideas. It also helps to keep regularly in touch with the organizations front line sales and support teams to determine what matters to customers, especially the ones who may be dissatisfied and have taken the time to provide feedback. Not just evaluate comments and responses on social media.

Understand and refine what works

With HubSpot, content strategists have access to a wide set of options they can experiment with without having to rely on multiple tools. They can control several streams of activity and generate reports to demonstrate progress.

Content plan

Most importantly, they can zoom in on what resonates with their audiences and build further from a foundation. Hitting upon a winning formula becomes much easier when access to a consolidated picture is available.

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