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ZOHO Suite

ZOHO Suite

Imagine there existing a software to run each and every aspect of your business. If only there was a method to automate the mindless, time-consuming tasks that every office worker faces. And a way to find extra time in the day to concentrate on improving productivity and acquiring customers. These are the areas where Zoho hopes to make a difference, with their software as service products. The Zoho Suite consists of a host of web and mobile applications that can be incorporated by individuals and small businesses to increase efficiency and draw in more customers. It’s an entire new way of doing business, and one you don’t want to miss out on. And we want to tell you all about it!

‘It is an ambitious effort to offer an all-in-one suite of applications to run an entire business — across every function and organisational group. It includes more than 35 integrated web applications and an equal number of mobile apps…’- Forbes India


When it comes to marketing in today’s world, where everyone and their grandmothers are connected via technology, emails play an important role. But, it’s also a repetitive and tedious job. However, automating this process is a simple and efficient way to guarantee you being left with large chunks of free time that you can devote to other aspects of your business. This is where Zoho Mail comes in.

Think out of the [in]box

Zoho Mail has been designed keeping, you, the business user in mind. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the process. Elements of social media have been added, which means you can tag people and teams in conversations, share folders, collaborate, and create all via Zoho Mail. A chat feature is also available, so you can instantly communicate with anyone in your organisation.

Communication 2.0

With great new features added, sending emails using Zoho is easier and more efficient. Not only can you share folders and view attachments, the interface for Zoho Mail is state-of-the-art and allows you to have all the functions and features of a desktop mail client at your fingertips, as well as access to all your mail accounts from a unified interface. There is also unlimited storage space which is always welcome!

Take Control

You are the captain of the ship, thanks to Zoho Mail’s Control Panel feature. Using the dashboard, you can change and control the domain and user settings, you can oversee the organisation’s accounts, manage the emails of specific teams, and put into place anti-spam policies, and set up relevant restrictions based on your business’s needs.

Mail on the Go

Zoho Mail apps for Android and Apple devices allows you to always be connected and you can take your business with you. You also won’t be subjected to pesky advertisements since Zoho Mail is ad-free.

No-fuss set up

Zoho Mail can be set up in a few simple steps. Go to the Zoho Mail page and click on the sign-up option and follow the steps. After you add and confirm your domain, you can add your new users and can create groups. Next you have to configure your MX changes and migrate email accounts from previous servers. Finally, SPF and DKIM configurations are recommended. All this can be done by the admins who have access to the control panel.

Integrate to evolve

With Zapier integration you can link your Zoho Mail account to over a 1000 apps! You can connect your email to apps you use every day and take marketing automation to a whole new level. All those tedious tasks in your work day get streamlined and simplified.

What the reviews say:

‘Zoho mail is an excellent service with plenty of features, solid security, and a thoughtfully designed interface.’- Techadvisor

‘With more of a professional slant than some of the other clients on this list,

Zoho mail

still ranks as one of the most recommended email clients around. It’s easy to set up and manage and it doesn’t feature adverts, even on free accounts.’- Digital Trends

‘Zoho boasts a range of options, with a free plan to boot.’- Techradar


Every business has their own way of working and challenges that are unique to them. So, it only makes sense that the business should be able to create applications that are tailor-made for them. Zoho creator can be used to build custom apps which meet a company’s specific need.

Quick and Simple

You don’t have to be a programmer to be able to create an app for your business. Zoho Creator has a drag-and-drop interface which makes it easy for all you non-tech savvy folks to build a custom app within days. You can create a custom application for any data collection requirement.

Improve Efficiency

Zoho Creator uses a powerful scripting language, Deluge. Thanks to this, the amount of coding required is kept to the minimum. You can add logic to your application, and design and automate your business workflows. For example, periodic tasks like expense reports can be automated for maximum efficiency.

Data Building

With the right tools, raw data can be converted to important information that provides insight into your business. Zoho Creator has specific reporting tools such as pivot charts, spreadsheets etc, which can be customised. In this way you can recognise trends, analyse data with regard to benchmarks set over a period of time — and thereby see where your business needs more attention.

Protect Information

Data regarding your business is valuable information. With Zoho Creator you can secure this information and grant access to your application as and when required. With the collaboration and share tool you can decide what and how much the other users can see. You can also track who made changes and when, giving you complete control.

Stay Connected

As with most Zoho products, Zoho Creator can also be downloaded to an iOS, Windows, or Android device. This means you can access and update your data, whenever and wherever. As well as create custom applications while on the move.

Integrate and Link

Zoho Creator is already linked to other Zoho products, which gives you a holistic approach to doing business. It can also be integrated with other apps like Zapier and PayPal among others giving you more features and tools to play around with.

Zoho Creator Reviews

‘Zoho Creator was among the easiest tools we tested to get up and running without much training and tutorials.’- PCMag

‘It’s so easy to navigate in the programming world with this tool.’- Finances online


Data, data everywhere! We document every aspect of our lives and in the process carry a large amount of data with us at all times: everything from images, presentations and music, to videos, documents, and spreadsheets. Zoho Docs allows you to store all the data that is important to your business and you in a personalized workplace in the cloud.

Free Space

Two of the most anxiety causing words in today’s world are ‘Memory Full’. Instead of filling up your device memory, you can transfer all your data to the cloud – start off with the 5GB of free storage that Zoho Docs offers. It also allows you to transfer files either one at a time, or all at once. Entire folders can be transferred and then sorted later, saving you time. Another added feature is that, Zoho Docs also supports zipped folders.

In Sync

Whether your computer is Windows or Mac, you can sync to the cloud and vice-versa with no hassles. If you’re offline, you’ll still have access to your Zoho Docs and can work anytime on your spreadsheets or presentations. You can even share important files and folders with the rest of your team via Zoho Docs, keeping everyone in the loop.

Be Organized

Now, based on the needs of your team and the job that needs to be performed, you can organize your files and folders in various formats so that productivity and efficiency increases. Folders can be labelled as team, project etc., so no one gets confused and makes locating it easier.

Added Features

Need to write out a memo? Have to quickly crunch those numbers? A presentation is due in half an hour? Zoho Docs comes with built-in Zoho Office editors. This helps you write and edit online and share with other members of your team or company. Zoho Office editors contains Zoho Writer, where you can write and edit documents, Zoho Sheet, where you can crunch data and analyse figures, and finally, Zoho Show, where you can create interactive presentations that will wow your clients.

Always Connected

As with all Zoho products, Zoho Docs can be downloaded on to Android and Apple devices and you can work on the move. You can also sync from your desktop and keep all your important files backed-up.

Get Started

To get your own Zoho Doc account, click here to download it. Once you have an account you can ask to join your team and have the team admin send you an invite. Even if you don’t have an account, when you get an invitation mail, you can click on the ‘join’ button in the invite and set up your own account in a few, easy steps.

Zoho Docs Reviews

‘Excellent online editing tools. Sharing and collaborating on documents is a breeze. Integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Adobe Sign.’- PCMag

‘[Zoho Docs] offers a free pricing plan, which makes it an attractive prospect for freelancers and businesses on a budget. Its rich ecosystem is a bonus.’- News4C


Forms bring in information and information is important for a business. With Zoho Forms you can easily put together a feature-rich, personalized form using the tools on offer. This form can be shared online and with your team so that you can procure the data that you need.


With a number of tools and features available on Zoho Forms, creating a form is a breeze. You can choose from a wide variety of form fields; perform calculations and add up costs within the form and connect your forms to secure payment merchants like PayPal via which you can sell and accept payments online. The forms can be personalized to reflect your business and can even be converted into PDFs.

Create and Share

Once you’ve put together your form, you can embed it on your website or share it via email, links etc. You can reach a wider audience by posting the link to the form on social media, or if it’s a more sensitive form you can share it privately only within your organization. Thanks to the added feature of a QR code you can share the form and take it anywhere with you —even offline.

Analyse This

You can use Zoho Forms to analyse where your traffic come from. You can also use specific tools to use the collected data and build custom reports. From the data, you can see which marketing campaigns work best and which to bin. Using error scores, page views and conversion rates you can learn what works and doesn’t work for your business.

Make Your Rules

We all want to feel special. Even when getting an automated reply! With Zoho Forms, you can decide what response gets sent out based on the feedback on the form. When a form comes in you can trigger instant email notifications to your team and customize what they can see. Even the response to the person who submitted the form, can be personalized, making the customer feel like the message was meant just for them. Customization and efficiency goes hand-in-hand when it comes to Zoho Docs.

Automate and Assign

You can decide who in your organization or team can have access to the submitted forms and data. Tasks can be automatically assigned and once the task is completed you’ll get a notification. In this way you can automate a lot of the work. And everyone knows what their role is, which increases productivity and also means you’re bothered that much less.

Make an impression

When a form is submitted you’ll receive an email notification. This way information doesn’t get lost. With Zoho Forms you can send personalized emails to the respondents, so that they feel like you’re talking to them directly. You only get one chance to make a good impression, so make it count.

Get Connected

Zoho Forms can be integrated with Zoho apps like Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns, as well as third-party apps like Zapier, Google Sheet and WordPress. All these connections mean you can work better and faster and gather more information and clients. Zoho Forms can also be downloaded on to your mobile devices, so you’re always connected.

Zoho Forms Reviews

‘Zoho Forms is a flexible and easy to use product packed with great amount of features and integration.’- Review Monster

Zoho Forms Benefits

  • User-friendly
  • Drag-and-drop feature
  • Can be personalized
  • Automates workflow
  • Advanced analytics
  • Integrates with other apps


Stories are important, even to a business. A story builds a picture, a story helps you form a connection with your customer, and a good story will make sure your business is remembered. With Zoho Sites you can make sure your company’s story reaches the people.

No limits

While building a page or a site to showcase your business you don’t want your creativity curtailed. With Zoho Sites, you can use the drag-and-drop builder and customize pages to add text, images, and videos to create a professional website that reflects you and your business.

Data Rich

A website provides, but importantly, also collects information. To facilitate this, you can embed custom Zoho Forms and CRM forms with ease on to your website. And in this way you can get to know about the respondents, as well as capture event registrations, leads, survey responses and more.

Learn and Grow

We all want to be number 1 when it comes to our business and anything which can help us get there is much appreciated. Zoho Sites comes with in-built features like SEO tools and traffic statistics. The information gathered through these tools will help you learn more about your website’s growth and you can work towards gaining a higher position in search engine results.

Be Social

To spread the word about your site, there are helpful social share and auto-publish functions which allow you to share your website content on social media with ease. This way you can gain more followers and reach a wider audience. At the same time, in case of sensitive information, you can restrict some of the pages to anyone who visits the site or choose to share the page only with certain members in the organization. It’s all up to you and what works for your organization at that particular time.

Creative options

Attention wanders, everyone wants to make their site different and cool and to keep their visitors engaged. To aid this, Zoho Sites offers a creative feature – you can add video, image, and asymmetrical scrolling to your content to keep the visitor’s interest.

Zoho Sites Reviews

‘Zoho Sites uses a simple drag and drop editor. …Over all it’s easy to use and mostly clear.’- SiteBuilderReport


Numbers are terribly important to a business. With Zoho Reports, the business analytics software allows you to create incisive dashboards and data visualizations, where the numbers can be analysed and presented from, helping you learn a lot about the way things are running and where attention is needed.

Always Synced

There is data lying around in different forms in an organization. This needs to be put-together and collated to create in-depth analyses and reports which will give you a complete picture of your business. Thanks to Zoho Reports, you don’t have to go hunting around for all the data. Data syncing is automatic and can be scheduled to happen periodically making collection easy.

Seeing is believing

When you see a pictorial representation of something, it stays with you longer. This is true even for business reports. With Zoho Reports, using a variety of reporting components like charts, pivot tables, widgets etc., and the drag-and-drop designer, you can create a beautiful dashboard, to rival any famous work of art. This will give you a visual representation of all the data that has been crunched and it can now be easily comprehended.

Collaborate and create

They say, ‘Many hands make light work’ and with Zoho Reports you can put the proverb to the test. Share information with colleagues over a secure channel and work on and develop reports together. You have full control over what your colleagues and clients can see and can customize it, thanks to specific options like read-only, read-write etc., that are provided. Once published, you can decide who has access to the material.

Simplify it

Data comes from various sources and places and it can get tedious and confusing to go through it all. But with Zoho Reports, the data can be assembled and combined easily to create cross-functional reports that throw light on your business.

Extensive Functions

You don’t need to have a degree in statistics or mathematics to work with Zoho Reports. Though seeing the results people might just think you do. The product comes with an easy to use formula engine, which has a variety of mathematical and statistical functions. Using the tools, you can build formulae that will crunch the numbers for you.

Personalized BI

With Zoho Reports you can have tailor-made BI solutions, in the form of interactive reports and dashboards, embedded within your website or application. This takes your product to a whole new professional level and will be certain to add to your customer’s experience.

Connect and Integrate

Zoho Reports can be integrated with tools and apps dealing in everything from sales and finance to marketing and IT. It can also be downloaded onto your devices, so you’re always connected to what is going on in your organization.

Zoho Reports Reviews

‘Zoho Reports is easy to use, fast to set up, and does a creditable job when building data visualizations.’- PCMag


Inventory is the lifeblood of a business and so keeping track of said inventory becomes of vital importance. This too can be largely automated and streamlined with the cloud-based Zoho Inventory, whether it’s for keeping track of sales or for fulfilling orders.

Expand and increase

Why sell through only one channel? With the multi-channel inventory management system, you can expand your sales online. And integrate with online shopping sites like Amazon and Etsy among others, to reach a wider audience. You can also create sales strategies to make your business more productive.

Manage Orders

Hell hath no fury like a customer who didn’t receive their order. With Zoho Inventory you can efficiently manage your orders both offline and online. You can also create purchase orders, backorders, and drop shipments, making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Keep Track

Using serial numbers and batch numbers you can track the shipment from end-to-end helping you keep an eye on the movement of a particular item. You can also keep the customer updated on the location of the shipment, guaranteeing you a satisfied patron.

Choose Wisely

We all want to find the best deal and save money. Zoho Inventory has partnered with some of the biggest shipping companies worldwide, giving you plenty of options. You can get real time shipping rates and in-transit details of the shipping carriers and choose the right carrier for your business.

Simplified and Seamless

Zoho Inventory integrates with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books and automatically syncs all your contacts and orders. Using these, all your financial data can be managed with ease and efficiency. Zoho Inventory is also available as an iOS app and can be downloaded on to your mobile device.

Multi-Warehouse Management

With Zoho Inventory you can manage multiple warehouses, transfer stock between them, and check stock levels. When an order comes in, you can also pick the warehouse closest to your customer so that delivery will be done quickly, and you’ll cut down on transportation cost. The best part is that all this can be done from your phone or computer.

Zoho Inventory Reviews

‘Zoho Inventory is fully packed with item-kitting features, but yet customizable enough to suit the needs and requirements of every business.’- FinancesOnline

‘Zoho Inventory has a nice price and is tightly integrated with the rest of Zoho’s software portfolio.’ –PCMag


Who among us doesn’t like to spend time on social media? Well, Zoho Connect is a private “social media” space for your business organization. It’s a space to brainstorm, collaborate and connect with your colleagues. It’s a place to find solutions and create products!

Work together

You can create groups where members can get together to communicate and work. It’s also a space to share relevant information and foster teamwork as the members will all be working towards a common goal.

New Age Communication

You can communicate with a member of your team instantaneously, no matter where you are, thanks to Zoho Connect. This way you can share ideas and solutions, receive updates, and always stay in the loop via conversations on group walls or posts. You’ll always know what is going on with your team and how far work has progressed.

Share Information

To work together and produce something worthwhile, information is key. With Zoho Connect, relevant files and documents can be shared within the group so that everyone has access to it. If you’re working on a presentation or document online, you can share it with the group so that they can pitch in, making it a collaborative effort. After all, a fresh pair of eyes always helps.

Instant Communication

Time is of the essence when it comes to making decisions in business. This means communication and consensus must happen quickly. Thanks to Zoho Connect, you can create specific channels with particular members of your organization for work-related discussions and communicate instantly to make decisions faster.

Automate Workflow

Teams have different ways of functioning. And if you equip the team with the right apps and tools, you’ll find they work more efficiently. With Zoho Connect you can create these workflows with ease and automate many of the processes.

The 3 Ps

People generate ideas, and these ideas need to be made into a reality. This is where the 3 Ps come in — plan, prioritize, and perform. With Zoho Connect you can plan tasks, prioritize the importance of a task, and assign the correct person to handle it. Finally, you can track performance of the team members and see what progress has taken place.

Connecting is Key

Zoho Connect can be integrated with a range of apps like Zapier, Mail Chimp, Google Drive and Zoho Campaigns among others. It can also be downloaded on to your Apple and Android devices.

Zoho Connect Reviews

‘Pool your thoughts and ideas with other people and enhance work productivity and even come up with unique and viable innovations.’- FinancesOnline

Zoho Connect Benefits

  • Create groups to collaborate and share ideas
  • Foster Teamwork
  • Faster communication
  • Automate workflow
  • Resolve issues quickly


Without customers, your business would be non-existent. So, procuring customers becomes vital to your organization’s survival and success. With Zoho CRM – a cloud-based solution – you can improve lead conversion rates and customer retention, streamline sales processes, automate sales activities, and predict customer activity to increase the productivity and efficiency of your company.

Make it yours

A lot of processes, when it comes to sales, are repetitive and monotonous. By automating many of these tasks, you can free up your sales force’s time. Time they can spend getting the business more customers. Also, each company is different in the way they function. So being able to customize Zoho CRM to fit your business’s needs is a great feature. Not only can you pick industry specific modules and custom buttons, but you can also change the overall look of the CRM to represent your brand. Zoho CRM also gives you access to Zia, A conversational AI for sales!

Integrate and Grow

Bad reviews on social media can spell disaster for any company. And with more and more customers turning to social media for information, it makes sense that Zoho CRM can be integrated with the company’s social media accounts. This way when a customer interacts with the company’s Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ account, you can get notified immediately and connect to close sales quickly. It can also be integrated with other Zoho apps like Zoho Forms, Zoho Mail etc. as well as third party apps like Zapier, HubSpot and Zendesk. Zoho CRM can also be downloaded on to your mobile device be it Android or Apple, and even when you’re offline you’ll have access to contacts and reports on the app.

You’ve got Mail

In sales, email plays a big role. You get enquiries via mail, which can be converted into sales. But what do you do when your inbox is inundated with email. It’s time-consuming to go through each mail and then there is a fear of a big sale slipping through the cracks. Zoho has come up with a CRM integration with Gmail and Inbox to help deal with just that. New leads and contacts from your Gmail and Inbox can be added into your CRM automatically. And when you open an email, existing customer information will show up thereby saving you plenty of time.

Zoho CRM review

‘Zoho has launched its first conversational AI for sales teams Zia Voice, along with Catalyst, a hyper-customization platform for enterprises.’- Economic Times

‘While users report that considerable customization can be necessary at the outset and customer support can be limited, Zoho is a powerful tool for small businesses that are not ready to pay subscription fees.’- Inc.

‘Even as Zoho CRM offers such a wide array of features and capabilities, it does so with a price tag that’s very friendly to small to midsize businesses (SMBs).’- PCMag


To paraphrase a popular saying, ‘there are only two certainties in life, death and bills’. I can’t help you with the former, but why waste valuable time with invoices and billing when you can have software deal with it. Zoho Invoice is an online invoicing software for small businesses. It comes with some great features to make the process of billing as smooth and pain-free as possible.

Things you can do with Zoho Invoice:

  • Invoicing: Create and send professional invoices, automate payment reminders, and receive payment via cards.
  • Time Tracking: Create a project and assign tasks to staff. Then log and track time spent on each task to bill the client accordingly.
  • Workflows: Automate repetitive tasks like billing and payment reminders to save time.
  • Client Portal: Your clients can come to a single space online to assess estimates, invoices, and time sheets. This also facilitates collaboration.
  • Reports: You can run estimates, which you can share with clients, keep track of progress with reports and keep your expenses in check.
  • Open APIs: Zoho Invoice can be integrated with a host of payment gateways like PayPal and stripe as well as third-party apps like G Suite.
  • Mobile: This app is available on the App store, the Google play store, Amazon, and Windows store.

Zoho Invoice Review

‘You’ll also be able to automate your billing, run real-time reports, send branded invoices, collaborate with team members, and track time.’- Huffington Post

‘Zoho Invoice does an excellent job handling billing for small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and it has the ability to grow via a long list of both Zoho and third-party integrations.’- PCMag


Accounts when read by an expert can give you deep insight into the particular business and how it functions. With Zoho Books, an online accounts software, you can make sure your accounts are all up-to-date and your company is in the black. You can use it to track expenses, get paid on time, and integrate it with your bank account so you get real time updates about the company’s cash flow situation. Also, with the reporting tools you can create powerful graphs and reports to use in presentations on the finances of the organization.

Stay Connected

Zoho Books integrates with other Zoho apps as well as third-party apps like Zapier, PayPal, Shopify etc. to enhance its performance. The app can also be downloaded on to iOS, Android, and Windows devices, which means you can send out quotes, track expenses and get insight into your business no matter where you are.

Zoho Extension

You can add a Zoho Books Timer extension for Chrome. This allows you to log the time for your projects in the Timesheet module of Zoho Books.

Zoho Books Review

‘Zoho Books is a simple online accounting software application that syncs with your accounts and covers all the basics, allowing you to create and send invoices, track time and expenses, and generate reports.’- Business News Daily


There are many elements that go into a project and it can get hard to stay on top of it all. Work has to be assigned, tasks have to be completed, milestones have to be met – this is where Zoho Projects comes to the rescue.


  • Complex projects can be broken down into manageable units which are easier to tackle
  • You set a target, and you want to compare the progress with what was planned. With Gantt Charts you can have a visual representation of just that.
  • No matter where you’re located you can work together, thanks to the collaboration tools.
  • Easily share text files, spreadsheets, and presentations with the team.
  • Issues can be logged, fixed, and tested in one seamless flow.

The G Suite Experience

No, G Suite isn’t the name of the newest rapper in town. It’s an experience offered by Zoho Projects and includes integrations with Google Drive, Google Calendar and Gmail. You can sync your tasks with your email, put the tasks on Google Calendar via which you can keep track, and upload files from Google Drive to your Zoho Project. By integrating Zoho Projects with Google you can enhance your work experience.

Track your time

When it comes to business, time is money. So, seeing where and how your company’s time is being spent on becomes vital. Zoho Projects offers time tracking functionalities to make the job easier for you. Timesheets can be used to log details of each task, keep track of start and end dates, giving you a detailed breakdown of the tasks accomplished. You can even calculate billable and non-billable hours using this. And export the timesheets to send to clients or to use as part of a presentation.

Begone Bugs!

Bugs are a part of every software. There’s no escaping them. But you can arm yourself to battle them as and when they crop up. The Issue Tracker function of Zoho Projects helps you submit, track and fix issues and bugs that come up in your project. You can also define workflows and configure notifications using the Issue Tracker feature.

Create Connections

Zoho Projects can be integrated with other Zoho apps like Zoho CRM, Docs and Invoice as well as third party apps such as Google, Dropbox, Zapier and GitHub among others. Zoho Project can also be downloaded on to your iOS or Android device.

A plan for everyone

There are four different plans available when it comes to Zoho Project. You can choose the right one for you and your organization. There is the free plan, the Express plan, the Premier plan and finally an Enterprise level plan. No matter which plan you pick you pay per month irrespective of the number of users, which is a great advantage to using this product.

Zoho Project Review

‘My favourite features in Zoho Projects are the ones related to chat and notifications. Zoho Projects has a live chat component built right into the workspace, so you don’t have to flip to another app when you need to quickly ask a colleague a question.’- PCMag

‘The most compelling qualities of this software, in my opinion, are its flexible and inexpensive pricing structure, rich variety of integrations, and communication tools.’- Merchant Maverick


People shape an organization. Employees reflect the values of a business and you want to make sure you’re hiring the best and brightest to represent your company.

Using Zoho Recruit you can make sure you’re hiring from a talented pool of candidates.

  • Create a Career page on the company website to advertise job openings
  • Zoho Recruit integrates with job sites like monster.com and naukri.com among others
  • Posts about the job on your company’s social media handles as well
  • Use the inbuilt Indeed resume search feature to find the right candidate for the role
  • Parse resumes and extract and format it for your database in a couple of easy steps
  • Use dashboards to get insight into job openings, client’s approval/rejection rates and candidates hired
  • Customize and automate tasks
  • Keep in communication via text, email, and phone

Seamless integration

Zoho Recruit integrates with multiple apps such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Zapier, Zoho Reports and Zoho Mail among others so that you can reach a wider pool to hire from. You can interview out of the office setting, as the app can be downloaded on to Android and Apple device and all the information you need will be with you always.

Zoho Recruit vs Freshteam

Freshteam is a recruitment and tracking platform from Freshworks. While Zoho Recruit’s priced at $25, Freshteam is double that at $50. Freshteam doesn’t offer as many integrations as Zoho Recruit does. Nor is it available for iOS platforms. Making Zoho Recruit the better alternative with regards to pricing and features offered.

Zoho Recruit Review

‘I appreciate the amount of information Zoho Recruit puts onto one screen. You’ll definitely find yourself clicking around a lot less on Zoho’s system than on the other platforms.’- PCMag


Customer is King, the Customer is always right— these ubiquitous phrases are enough to drive home the point that customers are very, very important. As an extension to this, customer support is a vital component of any business. So it only makes sense that Zoho offers Zoho Desk, a help desk software which can be used by businesses to put the customer first.

Focus First

Zoho Desk comes with a variety of tools and many tasks can be automated. This way you’re able to concentrate on the most important person — the customer. And serve them to the best of the company’s ability. You can also customize the help desk to reflect your business and integrate it with other apps.

The Right Answer

Say your customer needs an answer that only someone from the inventory department can provide. Not a problem at all! Because with Zoho Desk you can bring together employees from different parts of the company, making sure your customer gets the answer they need from the right person.

No more queries

With Zoho Desk, you can be available to your customers through different modes of communication. Be it phone, email, live chat, or social media. You can take this one step further and equip the customers with answers to frequently asked questions, thereby turning them into an expert that their peers can go to.

Zoho Assist

Customers are spread all over the globe. And it isn’t always possible to get to them and solve problems face-to-face, or should I say system-to-system. With Zoho Assist, you can provide instant remote support. And unattended remote access in a secure manner. So, no matter where your customer is, you can access their system and help troubleshoot. This feature can be downloaded to Android and Apple devices and is also available on Amazon.

Get Guided

With the User Guide you can learn about all the features and customization options that Zoho Desk offers. And how to implement them. Through the API guide or Developer’s Guide, you can get help on how to integrate Zoho Desk service with third-party applications to enhance its functions.

Zoho Desk Review

The software is a beneficial tool for integrating credibility, giving positive, resolute responses to customers. – PCQuest


Making decisions quickly is key in business. Going back-and-forth, wasting time reaching a consensus, all slows down decision-making and loses the company money. With Zoho Cliq you can instantly communicate with key members of your organization and reach decisions.

Increase Sales

Visitors come to your site to see what you’re selling. With Zoho Sales IQ, you can track visitors, identify if it’s an old visitor or new. And then engage with them via personalized chat. You can also send targeted content and help them make purchasing decisions. Finally, using this software you can refine your website based on feedback from visitors and find customer support issues that need to be addressed.

Click to Chat

ClickDesk is a service via which you can chat with visitors to your website from your instant messenger (e.g. Skype). By integrating this with Zoho Chat and Zoho CRM, you can access all your customer information while communicating with them. When a lead is generated, you can easily send the transcript of the chat to the CRM and take it forward from there thereby ensuring no lead gets lost.

Get Connected

Zoho Cliq can be used for everything from marketing and communication to tech support and operations. You can also share videos and images. Tools like Zoho Desk, Mail Chimp, Dropbox, Zoho CRM and Zendesk can be integrated with Zoho Cliq. The app can also be downloaded on to your mobile devices be it Apple or Android as well as your computer (Windows, Linux, MAC), allowing you to communicate with your team and customers while on the move.

Zoho Cliq Review

‘Cliq’s main strength, however, lies in its integration with Zoho’s own suite of tools, including Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail and Zoho Docs.’- Computer World

As you have read, Zoho has relevant software for every aspect of your business. The depth and reach of these applications are vast and when used properly and together can really change the way in which your business functions (for the better). And the benefits that arise will make you wonder how you ever did business before.