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Guess who used landing pages first?

They’re now part of every marketer’s arsenal but the brand that first used them to drive up sales goes all the way back to 2003. Seems strange that it’s almost a couple of decades old right now....

Hubspot, landing pages | Jun 19, 2021

How often do you check on customers using your product?

It’s better than asking customers what they want A company manufacturing a product believes they’ve taken largely care of major issues before it reaches customers. It’s just the first step. If the...

Hubspot, Hubspot CMS | Jun 19, 2021

For better lead conversions, Use the HubSpot flywheel

The slip between cup and lip Marketing and sales is all about managing leads well – getting customers to move with minimal friction from entry points to conversion. Some customers will advance...

Hubspot, HubSpot flywheel | Jun 19, 2021

What parts of marketing should you automate?

Is that a tough question? The easy answer – the repetitive stuff. But can you truly identify what is repetitive and what is not? To do that, you have to evaluate where you and your team spend the...

Hubspot, Marketing Automation | Jun 19, 2021

Why HubSpot is more than a CRM

At the first level Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about managing several aspects of a customer relationship – from the time customers have expressed a willingness to engage right...

Hubspot, Hubspot CRM | Jun 19, 2021

How to make your HubSpot investment work – short term and long term

Prime the pump When you make an investment in HubSpot, things don’t change overnight –There are changes to be made to the way you work, or the way your team works. There’s an adjustment period...

Hubspot, Hubspot CRM | Jun 19, 2021

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