Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising your website for organic search

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Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising your website for organic search

What is SEO?

The practice of increasing the quantity and quality of the traffic (people visiting your website) for your product or service through organic search engine results is called Search Engine Optimisation.

Why SEO?

  • Low cost: With a little bit of effort and by paying some amount upfront for SEO, you can guarantee an increase in the amount of traffic to your website. Since you don’t have to pay for people clicking to view your website or advertising costs, you can get great visibility at a cost lower than practices involving SEM.
  • Increase in traffic: Multiple reports and studies worldwide have shown that SEO definitely leads to increase in the number of people visiting the website. SEO gives you positive results that may not be immediate but help in the long run.
  • Increase in trust: People using Google, Bing or any other search engine trust the search engine results and rate dependability of the company or brand based on the position the company occupies in the organic results.
  • Everyone is doing it: One thing can be assured – if your business is on the internet then most of your competitors are looking at SEO very seriously. A website that is SEO enabled helps to have a competitive edge over your rivals.
  • The impact is everlasting: Unlike the effect of ads or paid search marketing, the effect of SEO on your website is permanent. If you stop your SEO, it doesn’t lead to an instant drop in position or ranking. Sure, you do need a little upkeep to maintain a high position but once the website has been ranked in that position, it can be difficult for that position to be taken away.

How can BlueOshan help?

Search engines look for relevancy when it comes to SEO. BlueOshan focuses on what these search engines are looking for in relevancy – content, coding, and website construction to name a few. As the algorithm for the search results keeps changing BlueOshan, as one of the best SEO companies in Chennai, keeps itself up-to-date with the best practices to make sure your search campaigns:

  • Run like a well-oiled machine
  • Increase quality and quantity of leads
  • Increase ROI
  • Improve brand image, reliability and relevancy

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SEO – Indepth

If you have a web presence, you should optimise your website to ensure that it comes on the first few pages of the SERP (search engine results page). To appear on the first few pages of SERP, you need to understand the basic mechanics of web visibility. BlueOshan has worked extensively with USA based clients on their SEO. We understand the market and the rules.

Understand the rules

Many agencies claim that they can get you to the 1st spot on Google. However, this is not true. The only company that can assure you the 1st spot on Google is Google. What you can do is try to see what Google wants for it to be on the first spot of the first page. The core part of how Google ranks a page is based on relevancy. How relevant is the page to the people entering your website? Are they learning everything they could have? Do they get a clear idea of what you’re selling? Is what you’re selling what they searched for? Where else can they see what you’re offering, etc? Knowing the answer to these questions and appropriately making these changes to the website will help you achieve your SEO goals.

Work on the website

In order to achieve your SEO goals, site construction, performance and meta information are essential.

The site should have:

  • Proper user interface with easy navigation
  • Proper page Title, Headings
  • Sitemaps for search engine and for users
  • Easy to understand URLs
  • Meta titles with meta descriptions that perfectly describe the content
  • Linking internally within the website
  • A useful 404 (page not found) page that will help users go to the page they want to go
  • Website load time should be between 1-3 seconds
  • Clear call-to-action


Content is important

Content on your website is incredibly important in improving your organic ranking. Well-written, easy to read and comprehend text with essential keywords spread throughout your website should not be avoided.

Content on your blog is also a pivotal part of your SEO efforts. Regularly updated, original, and useful content ensures that your website is regularly crawled by the search engines.

Content should also include images, videos and a variety of written content.

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Link Building

Having links out on the internet that lead back to your website is called link building. This makes your website look more relevant to search bots that crawl the web. The different ways link building could be done are:

  • Web directory links
  • Social media
  • Submission of Blog, Articles, Press, Infographics and Video

The above list is just to give you an idea. It is not an exhaustive list. Good content will attract links but you should actively avoid websites that have been black-listed, have a lot of spam, and are not relevant to your industry.

Social Media is a must

Social media is a key cog in the SEO machine. Companies without social media are not valued in terms of relevancy and original content creation. Social handles act as signals to bots that the website has content that is not located only on the website but is spread all over the web. Social handles that you should have are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest (if applicable)

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Internal Linking

Highly influential to your SEO ranking, internal linking refers to linking content from different pages within your website to one another. Blogs, articles, and web page content can be interlinked to provide the user with content that will be useful for a long time.

Analyse your website

Analysing your website is very important in optimizing your website’s performance, traffic and its position in SERP. Using tools like the webmaster, Google analytics, etc. you can monitor the number of people visiting your website, backlinks, the source of the traffic, demographic distribution to name a few. Such information lets you know the bounce rate of your website and the relevancy of the content on your website.

The list is by no means an exhaustive one. However, it gives you an idea of the detail to which you need to tailor your website to make sure you have a highly useful website from the point of view of the customer.

BlueOshan studies your target audience, their search habits and tailors your website that attracts the right audience, improves their interaction with your website, leading to increased conversions and greater ROI. We provide our world-class SEO services for companies based out of the USA as well as other countries. Do reach out to us for a consultation for the same.