Programmatic Ads

Run high intensity campaigns across some of the best digital networks. Manage retargeting and in app advertising for a defined profile of customers.

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Programmatic Ads

Run high intensity campaigns across some of the best digital networks. Manage retargeting and in app advertising for a defined profile of customers.

Programmatic advertising is the process of automating the purchase and sale of ad inventory in real-time through an automated bidding system. Generally used by brands or agencies, programmatic advertising allows buyers to purchase ad impressions on publisher sites or from apps through a streamlined ecosystem.

Why Programmatic Advertising?

A traditional or offline advertising model is inefficient as a manual process between the buyers i.e. advertisers and brands, and the sellers i.e. publishers tends to be long drawn, time consuming, and expensive as a result of the inefficiencies. Let’s also not forget the paperwork, the back and forth of pitching proposals and the negotiation. With an automated system, like a modern programmatic advertising ecosystem, advertisers can quickly achieve their goals, calculate their Return on Investment and execute multiple campaigns simultaneously with ease.

How can BlueOshan help?

For many agencies and brands, programmatic advertising has become the most popular and preferred way of running ad campaigns. There is some confusion and mystery surrounding the concept of programmatic advertising and it’s ecosystems, but once you understand the different types of channels and methods of buying, it’s fairly straightforward.

At BlueOshan we use our in-depth understanding of programmatic advertising to help you achieve the following goals:

  • Measure your campaign with real-time insights.
  • Enhance your targeting by collecting user data from profiles and page content, to deliver ads in the right places.
  • Deliver greater transparency through automation.
  • Protect you from ad fraud and unnecessary ad spend due to bot traffic.

Programmatic Advertising - In-depth

Programmatic advertising in India is considered very successful simply because it's the most efficient type of advertising. Google India has predicted in a report that 60% of the total investment in digital marketing will be in programmatic advertising in the coming years. Many top brands are engaged in programmatic advertising with many more joining the programmatic advertising ecosystem. Navigating this space is quite complex and this is where BlueOshan can help you overcome all the common and uncommon hurdles.

A glimpse at the challenges:

For many startups and SMBs, the first challenge is navigating the programmatic media buying ecosystem. BlueOshan will help you select the correct approach for your marketing campaign whether it is Real-Time Bidding (RTB) or Programmatic Guaranteed. We will help you figure it out! Reaching the right audience with the most relevant ads is also a hurdle that many startups struggle with. With the right analysis, BlueOshan will help you generate your buyer personas or user profiles and we will tailor ads to these demographics to improve your conversions.

How do you start?

  • Building your programmatic advertising campaign
    BlueOshan will set up your processes and activities to ensure your Programmatic Advertising Campaign is ready to start running. We will help build your campaign from the ground up taking your key objectives in mind as well as your budget and the length of the campaign. Once we have the above ready, we will determine what are the key performance indicators for this campaign.
  • Measuring your ad spend and KPIs
    Measuring your KPIs and optimally spending your ad budget will be a priority for BlueOshan. With multiple approaches and A/B testing methods, we will quickly determine what is the best way to approach the programmatic advertising ecosystem. Based on the products or services you offer; we will narrow down on the type of programmatic media that needs to be bought and the programmatic ecosystem where your marketing campaign will thrive. Regular reports will be made to ensure you are always in the loop about your KPIs.
  • Targeting the right audience
    The success of a marketing campaign is always determined by how quickly the target audience can be measured and understood. BlueOshan has immense industry experience with inbound marketing, and we know exactly how to target your ad campaigns to the right people. Tailor Made advertisements will be created for different demographics, so that no two ads will ever be the same. While this is a challenging strategy, we have seen it work wonders with our clients and their customers.
  • Optimisation
    Once we have the entire machine up and running, we will continue to optimize the campaign removing redundancies as soon as we spot them. Your ad budget will be held sacred, and we will optimize the campaign based on analytics and insights to ensure there is no wastage at any stage of the campaign. Programmatic advertising offers a transparent ecosystem; along with our measurements, optimization will be a constant feature to ensure your CPAs are always improving.