Pay Per Click Marketing/ PPC

Set-up, plan and execute complex paid campaigns across major digital channels. Defined customer personas, media savvy and having long-term goals is essential to success.

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Pay Per Click Marketing/ PPC

Set-up, plan and execute complex paid campaigns across major digital channels. Defined customer personas, media savvy and having long-term goals is essential to success.

Similar to advertising in newspapers or on television, advertising on search engines, display networks and social media to generate demand for your product/service is called Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC).

Why PPC?

  • See how your ad is doing through hard data: By placing your ad in a search engine, you can monitor how many people got to see your ad (CPM*), how many people were redirected to your website (CPC*), which product they were looking at, what your conversion rate is like, etc. So, you know if your ad is working or not and if your ad is impacting your audience at all.
  • Target audience control: Imagine a situation where you can promote your service or product directly to the people who want the said service or product. It doesn’t stop there, you can even target your audience based on location. For example, you can choose zip code, metro area, interests, age, gender, etc.
  • Complete control over your ad: The amount of control you get through PPC is astonishing when you compare it to the control you get through traditional methods of promotion. You can select the time of the day you to post, the day of the week, device type, the position of your ad, and much more.
  • Pay only when someone clicks to see your product: Through PPC, you’re not only able to target people according to what they’re searching (keywords) but you’re also able to double target by paying per click – people who are genuinely interested in your product/service and have clicked on the ad link.
  • PPC works: Companies, small and big alike, are using PPC because they understand the value of PPC. In 2017, top advertisers in the USA paid 36.69 billion USD for paid search alone. (Source: Company reports, eMarketer, 2017)

(*CPM – stands for “cost per thousand impressions”; *CPC – stands for “cost per click”)

How can BlueOshan help?

At BlueOshan, to ensure that your PPC is effective and efficient, we use our in-depth understanding of advertising /marketing principles, our ability to analyze vast volumes of data and our continuous monitoring of the latest PPC practices to give you the best PPC solutions customized to your individual requirements. As experts in PPC, especially with the most-used search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo, BlueOshan can help you by:

  • Improving brand and product visibility
  • Devising strategies that improve PPC ranking
  • Providing insights into improving CPC and conversion rate
  • Improving ROI.

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PPC – In-depth

When it comes to PPC, a comprehensive strategy is required to overcome challenges that your brand may face when it enters the paid search marketing space. This is where BlueOshan comes in to play!

A glimpse at the challenges:

  • For start-ups, managing PPC can be difficult because in most cases these start-ups are competing with well-established, well-funded companies with well-understood and set-up resources.
  • For established brands or companies,  managing a large number of ad groups, campaigns, millions of keywords, and accounts is particularly difficult and requires a team of experts.

So, where do you start?

  • Have a clear goal in mind
    Similar to any marketing strategy, having a PPC goal is integral to setting up processes and activities that help getting your PPC machine running. Is your goal generate more leads? More transactions? More subscriptions? It is very important that you understand what your brand or company needs as this may vary based on industry or product. Once you know this, you will be able to configure your CPA (cost per acquisition) targets and your competitors, who are targeting the same audience.
  • Keep Track
    After you have narrowed down on your goal and the amount you’re willing to spend on the goal, tracking the goal is paramount. If you are not tracking your goal, then it becomes very difficult to see if your campaign is successful or not. BlueOshan helps its clients avoid these traps by making sure their clients’ campaigns are properly tracked and their goals met.
  • Keyword Planning
    Knowing your customers and their search habits are critical to having a successful campaign. If you’re just starting out, the best way would be to start broad and then tweak it till you optimize your keywords. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner and third-party tools like SEMrush, SpyFu for the keyword searches.
  • Sound Account Structure
    Having an account that is structured properly gives you a clear path towards scale and efficiency. You could start out simple but that may not lead to the best results. BlueOshan maximizes control you have over your campaign by finding the right keywords and optimizing budget allocation.
  • Optimization
    Once your account structure has been set up, the way to scale is to get four key areas of your PPC optimized, i.e., keywords, bids, ads and landing pages. The way you can optimize is to check what works and what doesn’t. This takes time and through trial and error with certain ad combinations you can end up improving your CPAs.
  • Avoid Plateau
    If you’re super efficient with your account structure, squeezing out the maximum number of CPAs out of the budget you have requires time. As your budgets grow, you will reach a point where your CPAs become smaller than when your budgets were smaller. This happens because of a slightly complicated auction structure used by all the search engines. That’s when it becomes a challenge to optimize and grow in scale while marginalizing the budget you have to reach new but relevant audience.

BlueOshan combines all the tasks mentioned above to help you achieve increased traffic to your website and higher CPA. If you’re looking for Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC Management Services within USA or globally, please do call us for a 30-minute consultation.

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