How do you boost your engagement and generate more leads?

When some of these visitors land on your website, you offer them a free download of “The 5 best recipes for a healthy breakfast”. In return for the free download, you ask them to give you their email address and some personal information.

Each of those visitors who downloaded the content would be considered leads.  If you have your marketing automation process ready, you can create a personalized email drip campaign designed to convert these cold leads, people uninterested in your business, to warm ones, people ready to buy your service. The drip campaign is personalized based on specific conditions. These specific conditions could be – did your lead open your newsletter, did your lead see your campaign and enter your landing page based on the campaign and/or did your lead come directly to your homepage form your SEM/SEO and so on. Based on the information you capture you can automate your future interactions and engagement with each of your leads, personalizing them without much effort.

How do you convert cold leads to warm leads?

Using marketing automation tools, two days after those visitors downloaded the recipes, you can automatically send them an email with “Five foods that are ruining your diet” video. A few days later they receive another email saying, “How I changed my life through proper diet” webinar recording. By providing relevant content to your visitors, you’re nurturing them by gradually heating them up from cold leads to warm ones, ones open to buying your service or product.

How do you convert warm leads to customers?

When the lead is warm, you offer them something that you know is integral to converting them into a buyer. For example, you know that most people bought your service after they attended the “How I changed my life through proper diet” webinar recording.

After they’ve watched the webinar you get them invested by asking them to register for the next webinar. The ones who register are saved on your database as people who watched the “How I changed my life through proper diet” webinar.¬ They are then automatically sent offers that are even more personalized to them, converting them from warm to piping hot leads.

After this you automatically import them into a CRM like HubSpot or Zoho! With marketing automation work flows you have sold a diet plan! Our B2B lead generation services help companies in all locations whether in the USA or globally.