Long sales cycles? Great content fills the gaps

Long sales cycles? Great content fills the gaps


How to stay in touch

You can’t keep pitching the same promises to customers. Repetitions beyond a point work against a sale. New things have to be communicated. About the market. A new benefit they haven’t yet thought about. Or come at it from a new angle altogether.

Time and again, in businesses where long sales cycles are the norm, customers need to be convinced on an ongoing basis. Great content fills in the gaps without being intrusive. It’s where CMS Hub comes into play.

You know how it is with sales calls. Awkward when the small talk is over and you want to know if a decision has been made. Most times, you get the standard response. We’re still evaluating it. Haven’t had time to go over it in details yet. The time’s not right – but you’re still in the running

Stay top of mind with periodic communication


Your product is just one of the things on a customer’s mind. In the grand scheme of things, customers are preoccupied with solving their own problems. The idea is to keep reminding them atdefined intervals and nudge them in the right direction

Send out emails every couple of weeks and see what the response is. Even if the customer has not opened the email, the subject line would have registered, if you have planted a new thought.

If they open the email and visit your site, it’s a definite step forward. The idea is to keep them coming back, so that the possibilities of a sale increase. Customers cannot pinpoint the exact time they make up their minds. Or the benefit that tipped them over. It’s possible the content they read on your site, the video they watched, or a podcast they listened to was the tipping point. And that’s the position you’d like to be in. With CMS Hub from Hubspot, you can serve up different content during every visit. For that, you have to deepen the content offering and ensure there is enough on the site to keep delivering value.

Consistent contact is key


Even if there isn’t much to say, don’t drop off the radar. Sales come through when customers remember your brand at the point when they really need it. The more they see, read, or watch content featuring your product, the more actively you will be considered.

Try this simple experiment mentally. Imagine you pick out a restaurant where you’d like to order from or visit. Invariably, there’s a set of 8-10 names that pop into your mind. There could be debates on cuisine, expense, distance, etc but you and your family are locked into those experiences.

Unless all members of a family are experimental about food, you tend to go back to the same places time and again. Trying something new requires mental effort. So, the only way to break in is to be available at hand every time your product is discussed or considered.

Apart from sales, recommendations


The sites that people visit most often are the ones they recommend to their associates and friends. While you can count on filling in the gaps, you can be quite sure that if the product has delivered to expectations, it will be recommended to others in the business.

People tend to value their own choices and like to influence decisions. But they have to be sure of what they recommend. You won’t get it by putting 15 reasons for people to buy.

What you should be doing is showing them how they can be smart about solving the problem they have.

There’s a new payment system called Fast. It’s copying Amazon’s renowned formula for the web – one click shopping. It’s offering the service to all businesses who want to sign up customers. What they emphasize is how quickly they can help people shop at ecommerce sites across the web. No talk of the technology used to build it. Or how many people they have on the team. Or how many years they have been in the business. They are laser-focused on getting ecommerce companies to solve their biggest problem – getting new customers to sign up

It’s a big problem to solve – so they’re going for the high stakes. All that customers who sign up need is to install Fast’s API and the company manages everything else. Market potential is in the billions if they can become the gateway for payments.

If you want to build content that pays off for years to come, start now, with CMS Hub from Hubspot.

At BlueOshan, we have been working with HubSpot’s CMS Hub for a while and our design and development skills have grown manifold over time. Be it your existing installation or a new one that you are planning, our CMS consultants will be happy to support you.



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