Harnessing The Power Of Video For Sales Email

Harnessing The Power Of Video For Sales Email


I couldn’t check my email for a couple of days. I’m never letting that happen again! Because, when I finally opened my inbox I found it inundated with work related mails, forwards, advertisements, queries, and more. Going through my unopened mail got me thinking how easy it would be for a sales email to get lost in the pile-- to be opened, glanced at and forgotten among all the other more pressing matters.

If you are in sales, you are constantly wondering how to sell better and more efficiently? How to make sure the emails that you send grabs the viewers’ attention and resonates with them? The answer is videos! No one can resist watching a good video, no one.

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Using video in a sales email is a very smart idea as:

  • It humanizes the content
  • It allows you to leverage non-verbal communication
  • It holds the viewers attention
  • It forges connection
  • It accelerates the sales process

Video in Sales Hub

This is where HubSpot comes in. It has tied up with Vidyard so that you can easily make and send one-on-one, personalised videos through HubSpot CRM. The viewer can open the email and click on the video image. They will immediately be sent to an automatically created landing page where the video can be viewed.

Not only will the video be watched, the viewer is also more likely to want more information about the product, and eventually buy it. And there is data to support this: a person who views a video of a product is 85% more likely to buy it, and the use of video in email increases the open-to-reply rate by 8X (source: Vidyard).

The above numbers prove the validity of the use of emails containing videos when it comes to sales. These video emails can be used at various stages of the process—such as prospecting, relationship building and finally, during selling. However, the goal of the video at each stage is different. An email sent to a prospect is similar to a cold call; you have to capture attention, show credibility and it always helps to make it personal. Using a personalised, explainer video about what your company or product can do to make your prospective customer’s life easier makes sense here.

Say, you’ve established a lead then you can mail them videos of marketing content and up-to-date information that will interest them and keep their attention. And finally, when it comes to selling, videos of demos and product updates work. And even if a sale doesn’t work out, sending a break-up video isn’t a bad idea. It will at least make you memorable.

An added benefit of HubSpot video is that each video email sent gets logged in the CRM, and you will be notified when it is viewed and clicked. This is a great way of keeping tabs and gathering data on how well the video emails are doing.

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