How Does Inbound Marketing Help Startups?

How Does Inbound Marketing Help Startups?

How does Inbound Marketing help startups

1. It's cost effective

Unlike traditional outbound marketing techniques like newspaper ads, radio ads, TV ads, brochures, flyers etc., inbound marketing is very cost effective. Other than the price of the marketing automation tools, like HubSpot and Marketo, inbound marketing can be largely done for free for a small scale startup. FrankenSpot, for example, is a free inbound marketing tool built by the people behind HubSpot. Since inbound marketing revolves around attracting visitors that are already looking for answers, it’s a lot less invasive than traditional outbound marketing techniques.

2. It adds a personalised touch

Marketing automation tools like HubSpot’s CRM is useful for giving your visitors and leads a personalised touch. Messenger tools and workflow editors will let you personalise emails and messages to customers. Creating these unique experiences help with nurturing the lead pushing them further along into the sales funnel. Since buyers are largely influenced by the way they feel about the messaging, it’s important to concentrate on marketing efforts that satisfy a specific customer’s unique needs.

3. It helps you become an authority on the web

A part of inbound marketing is creating content for visitors in the hopes they find your website or company. By posting effective and relevant content on your website, your startup will start to look like a credible source of information. Posting educational content will go a long way with building trust with your customers. Once your content starts ranking in the first few search results of a search engine, you’re likely to enjoy far more visibility. You can then use this visibility to convert more website visitors into potential leads.


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