FB's Local Awareness Advert for The Friendly Neighbourhood Stores

FB's Local Awareness Advert for The Friendly Neighbourhood Stores

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Facebook is any social media marketer's darling. Over the past years, Facebook has become a melting pot of digital advertisement models. Shopping journeys are dominated by our mobile phones - finding a 'place' is a classic example of typical usage even though, 90% of the sale might happen in the store. Here is a simple idea for my retail store-owner friends who struggle with measuring adverts to foot fall conversion rates. Local Awareness adverts introduce by FB about year ago is an useful feature for retailers (any size). While presenting an offer or two, your adverts can guide people (on mobile) to your store locations quickly and easily. Along with key business information, it shows a map of all your store locations (nearby) including estimated travel time to your preferred store (destination). People can click on the map in the advert without leaving the advert or app. Store visits, a new metric in adverts reporting can help you better understand your store traffic after running the Local Awareness adverts - knowing how many people came to your store(s) after seeing a Facebook campaign can help optimise future campaigns in many ways.


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