5 Signs You Should Invest in Inbound Marketing

5 Signs You Should Invest in Inbound Marketing


1. Your Website is Underperforming

With a decline in the number of business enquiries, the first thing that crosses business owner's minds is the thought of their website underperforming. In most cases, this could very well be true given the way search engines function. A search engine like Google is trying to find the user, the best, and most relevant content that is associated with the keyword he or she searched. Your website may not be Search Engine Optimized or is just providing the wrong information or information that is unusable to a potential customer. An Inbound Marketing agency has the tools to optimize your website, so that it ranks higher in Google searches. They can also monitor the flow of traffic to your website, to ensure that a potential customer receives the best possible information.

2. You’re not providing Customers with Fresh Relevant Content

Imagine if the information that you provide on your website isn't exactly useful. This would eventually affect the traffic to your website, and its ranking in search engines. The trick to maintaining a good ranking in search engines is to have fresh relevant content on your website. This will improve your business's discoverability and page ranking. You could always hire a content writer to write blogs on your website or an Inbound Marketing Agency who will know what keywords to write the content around, to ensure better Search Engine Optimization.

3. Your Social Media Reach is dying

We're all guilty of not updating our business social media pages. While large companies have entire Marketing teams that focus on social media ad campaigns, a small company might struggle to periodically update their social media pages. This can hurt the number of potential enquiries that you might get from your fans. The idea is to convert these fans into paying customers and to also keep them interested and excited about future products or services that you may have planned. An Inbound Marketing agency can not only field questions from potential customers on these pages, but also create a buzz around existing and future products via image posts, tweets, and promotional competitions.

4. You're getting fewer Business Enquiries

Business can go up and down, and the times when business is down in the dumps, it's important to keep getting enquiries. While outbound marketing certainly does generate enquiries, you might work in an industry where your customer is a one-off client, and you might not see them again for a while. In most cases, a steady inflow of leads is vital for the life of the company. An Inbound Marketing Agency can ensure that enquiries keep coming in. By activating your company's website, social media reach and existing clientele, inbound marketing can create a pillar of information around your product to reach potential customers efficiently.

5. Your Conversion Rates are Low

It's not enough to just get leads. A company must also nurture these leads so that they eventually become your paying customers. Conversion rates are important but it's also important to understand the issues that are preventing you from converting customers efficiently. You might have a terrific landing page or call to action, but maybe your customer is just looking for information. Each lead is unique and will require a different style of nurturing, and this customization is what Inbound Marketing agencies bring to the table using tools like HubSpot or MailChimp.


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Shantha Kumar

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