Hubspot Systems Integration

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Hubspot Systems Integration

Integrate HubSpot Seamlessly With A Host Of Applications

HubSpot is a sophisticated platform for sales, marketing and service teams. However, it is impossible for a platform to provide a solution for every business-related task, but HubSpot comes pretty close to doing it all that. How, you ask? The platform provides for direct integrations with over 240 popular tools and apps.

Whatever your requirement, there is a tool. The integrations cover a variety of tasks such as advertising, calling, video, reporting, email automation, analytics & data, sales, webinar and event management, productivity, social media, lead generation, e-commerce, etc. And if there is a particular tool that is not a native integration, there is no need to worry. With Zapier or other, integration providers, the tool can be connected to the platform.

In this way you have access to new technologies and vital products that will help your team perform better, as well as increase their efficiency.

Why BlueOshan?

You've decided on HubSpot for your business and will have certain needs and goals that are there to be met. This means specific tools will be necessary to achieve them. We can study your marketing and sales-related businesses processes, learn your requirements and suggest best suited tools that can be integrated with your HubSpot set-up. The integration dashboard provides for over 240 native integrations and with our experience working with the platform and tools, we will make sure you choose the right ones from among them.

Some of you might already be using certain apps and products and will want to continue to work with them when you move to the HubSpot platform. We can help you here, as well, by integrating those specific tools via a custom coding / APIs to make sure it connects well from SQL databases to proprietary CRMs, we can build and support custom integrations for that.

How BlueOshan Can Help


  • Set up the integration and enable data flow
  • Maintain the integration
  • Advise on new integrations
  • Make sure the integration and platform work seamlessly.

We follow our process to:

  1. Discover - we understand your current business processes, goals of integration, what needs to be integrated and the scale/complexity of integration.
  2. Document - we prepare a integration plan based on our evaluations and write a scope document and a project plan.
  3. Design - we then prepared this important document which maps out the fields to be synchronized.
  4. Develop - we develop the required integration to connect the objects and fields.
  5. Test and Launch - we test to ensure the data synchronizes and dedupes as expected and launch the integration.

Besides developing custom integrations, we have integrated HubSpot with the following popular tools:

  1. NetSuite
  2. Microsoft Dynamics
  3. Salesforce
  4. Pardot
  5. Zoho