Marketing Automation, CRM Implementation and Consulting
What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation involves the use of software tools to automate your engagement with potential and existing customers. This keeps both teams – marketing and sales focused on what they’re good at i.e., creating unique campaigns and increasing product sales. Thus, you are not only increasing productivity but also generating more leads at higher quality.

What can you automate?

Though not exhaustive, here is a list of activities that you can automate for your business:

  • Present content dynamically on each web page the user is engaging with, based on the user type, and source.
  • Automatically segment leads based on pre-defined conditions. e.g. page visits, form submissions, marketing email opens/clicks, and any information available for a contact or a company
  • Lead scoring – prioritize your most important leads automatically
  • Lead nurturing – automate all your marketing emails and update activities for a lead
  • Publish your social media posts
  • Publish blogs and relay the same on social media and via email (say, weekly digest)
  • Create new deals for your sales pipeline
  • Create meeting and send meeting invites
  • Assign lead owners and sales rep to a contact

BlueOshan provides marketing automation services to companies within USA and globally. Speak to our HubSpot marketing automation consultants for USA today.

So, why do YOU need marketing automation?
  1. Increased productivity:
    Every company has routine organizational and marketing tasks. Ordinarily, these processes are handled manually. By substituting these manual processes with automated solutions, you leave your marketing team with more time to focus on creating innovative campaigns.
  2. Reduced staff costs:
    Imagine a scenario where one employee can compete with 40 employees from the sales and marketing division. Automated processes nurture leads and smoothen out marketing workflows resulting in reduced costs on the hiring of staff. Within months of initiating this process of automation, you will be able to connect with your clients and potential clients on autopilot.
  3. Smoothens out workflow:
    While performing repetitive tasks manually, employees tend to make errors. If you automate your inbound marketing campaign that involves assets like enquiry forms, CTAs (calls-to-action) and conversion pages, you will have a smoother marketing workflow. This is because marketing automation systemizes activities, documentation and normal workflow processes.
  4. Understand your customer better:
    Marketing automation makes you think about your customer and his/her journey when they connect with your brand. It makes you put yourself in the position of the customer and helps you understand them better because you’re able to visualize your buyer’s journey through different stages. At every stage of the buyer’s journey marketing automation allows you to nurture your customers with targeted and relevant content.
  5. Multiple channel targeting:
    One of the foremost reasons to adopt marketing automation is to know that it allows marketers to reach customers through offline and online channels without making it impersonal. Your marketing team could send out posters, emails, tweets, make phone calls, etc. depending on which stage of the journey your customer is on.
  6. Analyze your marketing campaigns:
    Tracking and monitoring your marketing campaign closely is integral to understanding the performance of your campaign. Marketing automation simplifies the process and improves tracking. This helps in planning your future marketing expenditures based on the success or failure of your current and past campaigns.
  7. Great return on investment:
    Marketing automation provides benefits for the long-term and has great RoI. Consider the following statistics:-

    1. 78 percent of high-performing marketers  identify marketing automation as one of the foremost contributors to improved revenue.
    2. 84 percent of top-performing businesses used or planned to use marketing automation software.
    3. Successful B2B marketers reported, on average, a 20 percent increase in sales opportunities from nurtured leads.
To decide whether or not you need Marketing Automation, answers to the following questions are key:
  • Is your business generating a steady flow of new and qualified leads?
  • Is your sales team overwhelmed with the number of qualified leads you’re marketing team passes to them?
  • Has marketing and sales agreed on what communications should happen with a customer via marketing and sales?
  • Is your content strategy that is applied to your buyer’s journey efficient enough?
  • Are you tracking your leads’ digital body language across every touch point and marketing channel (not just email)?
  • Is your lead nurturing strategy scalable?
How can BlueOshan help?

At BlueOshan, our priority is to understand the DNA of your brand and your business. We create a marketing plan that interweaves marketing automation tools with your objectives creating a solid foundation – a foundation that helps increase efficiency, return on investment and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Our in-depth knowledge of the digital marketing and inbound marketing process flows, and its many variants equip us to handle:

  1. Implementation of marketing automation in any company or industry irrespective of size – enterprise or start-up.
  2. Standard or customized marketing technology platforms.
  3. HubSpot Salesforce Integration for companies based out of USA and globally.

We have worked with nearly 25 different marketing automation tools.

Marketing Automation Expertise

We understand your business, marketing and sales related business processes and stitch together the right tools that are required to automate your processes. You can throw a situation at us and we will from the below eco-system, come up with a suitable solution.

Using HubSpot along with other tools like Vidyard, Pandadoc, Zoom, Eventbrite, Uberflip, Justuno, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads and other tools listed in the HubSpot ecosystem below, you can take prospective visitors through various phases of the marketing and sales funnel and convert them into customers through an efficient and structured process.

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