On-page pop-up interventions based on user interaction without any development effort but using 3rd party tools (only).What did the client want?

What did the client want?

Display customized messages on the web-portal based on user behavior such as-test score obtained and upsell/cross-sell webinars for each user category based on pre-defined conditions. This should be done with a read-to-use software tool, so marketers can manage such messaging on their own without developer support.

What did we do?

After extensive research, we selected a pop-up tool called “Justuno” which can show customized and personalized pop-up messages based on pre-defined conditions. We wrote custom APIs to pass data from the web-portal to Justuno. We then designed customized pop-ups to address the user by their first name, display their test scores,and show upsell-messages with CTA.

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