We’re always looking for the best minds to work with. Upload your CV below and we’ll get in touch when there’s an opening.


We’re always looking for the best minds to work with. Upload your CV below and we’ll get in touch when there’s an opening.


We are a Certified Diamond Solutions partner of HubSpot, led by seasoned traditional marketers with deep understanding of HubSpot and its tools by virtue of supporting large global companies adopt HubSpot and integrate their customized needs with HubSpot.

We have specific industry experience in Information Technology, SaaS, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Higher Education.

Role Overview

We’re currently searching for an experienced business analyst to help guide our organization into the future. From researching HubSpot CRM Platform solutions to evaluating its impact, our ideal candidate is a detailed planner, expert communicator, and top-notch analyst. They should be wholly committed to the discovery and development of innovative solutions in a modern CRM landscape.

Skills and Preferred Qualifications

  1. High proficiency in working with SaaS products
  2. Proven analytical abilities
  3. Practical experience generating process documentation and reports
  4. Excellent communicator with the ability to translate data into actionable insights
  5. Strong working knowledge of relevant Microsoft applications, including Visio
  6. Proven project management and user-testing capabilities
  7. Extensive experience with data visualization
  8. Highly proficient technical writing capabilities

Job Responsibilities

  1. Partnering with other stakeholder teams to develop necessary analysis and documentation in a collaborative way and communicating effectively with solution architects and delivery teams.
  2. Evaluate, analyse, and communicate systems/business requirements on a continuing basis including the delivery of monthly status reports.
  3. Author / update process documentation and formally initiate/deliver requirements [with documentation]
  4. Develop meaningful and lasting relationships with teams and respond to questions and concerns from managers and executives with supporting research and recommendations.

Work Experience

  1. 3-4 years of proven experience in an analytics and systems development capacity
  2. Preference: Candidates with hands on experience working with SaaS products
  3. Prior work experience in a start-up environment will be an added advantage


  1. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in IT or Computer Science

Location - Chennai

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