Geofencing allows marketing companies to identify a user’s intent by checking their location and seeing if relevant products or ads can be shown to that user. With the potential to revolutionize your digital marketing campaign, Geofencing can work wonders with a solid campaign strategy. This awesome guide will give you a quick look into variables, factors, strategies, examples and objectives for your marketing campaign so that you get the most out of your Geofencing marketing campaigns.

Table of Contents:

  • What is Geofencing and Geofencing marketing?
  • Examples of Geofencing marketing
  • Building a strategy for your Geofencing Marketing campaign
  • Factors to consider while building your Geofencing Marketing campaign
  • Variables to consider while building a proper geofencing strategy
  • Geofencing Strategies based on Industry
  • How do I leverage other marketing channels with Geofencing?
  • How much is all this going to cost me?
  • What else do I consider?

Geofencing has the potential to revolutionize your digital marketing campaign!

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