Smartech solutions company

We operate at the junction of marketing strategy and tech deployment. In several cases, bright marketing ideas stay as concepts because they haven’t been implemented

Smartech solutions company

We operate at the junction of marketing strategy and tech deployment. In several cases, bright marketing ideas stay as concepts because they haven’t been implemented

Who we are

Blueoshan converts the brainstorming and creative ideas you have into action. We help you connect to your audience - find those looking for your products or solutions. And put in place the channels to nurture them.

You can measure what is executed. And dive deep to see what works and what doesn't. We have deep expertise in inbound and digital marketing especially in the spaces of SEO, SEM, automation tools and content marketing. We use inbound marketing tools and implement technology solutions for businesses to enhance their online prospects and presence. As a B2B inbound marketing agency, we make sure that all your requirements are met in efficient, clear, and concise ways.

We specialise in all things related to technology in marketing; from search marketing to social media marketing, marketing automation and beyond. With a management team that has a combined experience of over 100 years, we make sure that your brand stands out in a sea of online clicks and searches.

BlueOshan offers inbound marketing services and CMO services to clients in USA and globally. We understand your business irrespective of your global location, and we can deliver quick and efficient solutions for all your needs.

A Quick History

Founded by A. Shantha Kumar after 25 years of marketing experience and success in the digital space, BlueOshan was set up in 2013. The company has progressed through various stages, evolving gradually from a one-man consulting firm into its present avatar.

Over the years, the company has mixed and matched many marketing technology tools using Zapier integrations for designing customized and cost-effective solutions.

In the last 12-14 months, BlueOshan has seen a phenomenal growth in their business. By expanding and building a full-fledged in-house delivery team, establishing modern office infrastructure, investing in a HubSpot partnership and attracting angel investment, the company is now in the process of scaling even greater heights.

The Philosophy

The building blocks of the BlueOshan philosophy lie in the idea of promoting the best modern-day marketing practices with integrity and honesty. Central to this philosophy is a people-centric principle where we believe that the best way to help ourselves is to cater to the needs of the people involved in our process. With our employees, we make sure BlueOshan is a place where they can learn, grow and explore their creativity freely. With our customers, we look at building lasting relationships by catering to every detail of their requirements.

At BlueOshan, we aim to be the very best at what we do. Our vision ‘To be the most sought-after B2B and inbound marketing technologists and solutions providers in the world’ is embedded in our drive. In every aspect of our services be it, search marketing, marketing automation, social media marketing or inbound marketing, we ensure that these philosophies and principles are the cornerstones that ensure we provide our customers with efficient and cost-effective solutions at every given opportunity.

If you have any requirements, needs, queries or questions regarding anything related to marketing technology, feel free to contact us.

Why Inbound Marketing?

Conventional marketing has always been about reaching out to customers to spread the product and brand message - in other words, outbound. Getting customers to engage with the company through the website and social media is the essential point of difference and inbound flips the marketing equation - resulting in much deeper connections with clients.

In the last decade, the relevance of inbound marketing strategies has grown by leaps and bounds. Unlike its traditional counterparts, inbound marketing isn’t limited to promoting a product irrespective of the customer’s need. It focuses on a dialogue, ensuring that only information applicable to a customer’s requirement is placed in front of him/her nurturing them into the ideal client. By publishing the right content in the right place, inbound marketing strategies ensure the output becomes relevant and helpful to customers, not interruptive.

However, as is the case of any good marketing strategy, metrics need to be monitored to promote and effectively use inbound marketing. The effectiveness of a good digital strategy is dependent on the various aspects involved such as search engine marketing, marketing automation, digital marketing and social media marketing. Competency in each of these fields helps bolster the relevancy of your business’s digital presence.

That’s why having technical proficiency in inbound and digital marketing is so important.